10 WWE Diva ‘Prospects’ Training at NXT

olivia-karpinski-eve-del-rey-divasCould something big — or Diva Search-like — be looming?

A group of 10 Diva “prospects” have completed four weeks of training at WWE’s developmental territory, NXT, according to their various Twitters.

We already know WWE held auditions for wannabe Divas in Los Angeles last month, and then there was a tweet from Reby Sky revealing that the company had recruited the girls from modeling agencies.

The ladies, ranging from models, aspiring actresses and dancers, certainly fit the Diva mold, but what the training consisted of, along with just what they are training for, is unknown at this time.

It appears, however, that the potential Divas worked with NXT’s head female trainer Sara Del Rey and were given some words of wisdom last night from former WWE Diva Eve Torres, who, as previously reported, visited the developmental camp.

Tweeting about her teaching experience, Eve wrote:

Among the prospects are model Natalia Eva Marie, whose Twitter bio describes her as a “2012 Powertec Fashion Model Winner”. She thanked Eve for her “amazing insight” during the three-time Divas Champion’s visit to NXT.

Natalia wrote: “Thank u so much to the stunning @evemarietorres for all ur amazing insight tonight….u truly are such an inspiration! Truly feel grateful for the opportunity to sit and chat with u????????????? #WWE #DIVA #grateful #blessed (sic).”

Meanwhile, another prospect “print and commercial model” Olivia Karpinski posted a picture, presumably taken last night, of the 10 Diva hopefuls along with Eve and Del Rey on Instagram.

Natalia Eva Marie meets Eve

Natalia Eva Marie meets Eve

Another hopeful, Erika Hammond, indicated on Twitter yesterday that it was the “last day of Diva training”, while Natalia added: “Seriously feeling so #grateful at this moment in route to a closing dinner w/ my fellow #divas after weeks of training like #beasts (sic).”

Other prospects, based on what we can piece together from Twitter include: Aimee Fogelman, self-described singer and dancer Joseann Offerman, “official Red Bull spokesmodel” CJ Perry, Courtney Camero aka Jaguar from VH1’s ‘For the Love of Ray-J 2′, athlete Maysa Quy and Jennifer Sterger.

It’s rare that WWE would bring in a group of 10 unsigned females for a month-long training course. Unless they have something planned? 10 is a pretty round number — enough to fill, say, a Diva Search contest? And if the ladies have had a four week crash course in the ring, it would give them a leg-up over their past Diva Search counterparts. Or could this just be a four week “internship” to select talents to sign to developmental deals?

Interesting times in the world of WWE Divas!

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  • AdrianRay

    Uh oh… Lol

  • Rhawk

    The ones in Blue, the black flower-patterned dress, and the pink & white stripped dress, they are lookers. But the rest can go away…


    I just don’t even like the look of any of them. But I could see Paige turning heel and doing what Victoria done to the Diva search contestants – they could be cool.

    Actually I don’t even mind the Diva search, but it’s the countless weeks of seeing stupid sub competitions like talent shows and dissing contents. It discredits them before they even begin.



  • Liam ‘

    Hope that wrestling comes natural to them. Wish them all luck. We have had amazing wrestlers from diva search in the past.

  • wl75

    Jen Sterger??? I’m wondering if they might also be looking for off-stage interviewers who might be able to get involved in storylines if need be…

    • J.D.C.D.

      Too bad WWE isn’t rated R anymore. They could do a storyline similar to what happened to Jen Sterger in real life with Brett Favre.

  • k2evecrew

    I can’t wait to see what these girls can do . . .

  • hbgoo1975

    I don’t care if they sign unknown groupies from reality shows! Blame management for making us care about these these aspiring starlets.
    The internet marks who want female wrestlers won;t get their way!
    Maybe most of these starlets slept around for the money, (with the exception of Eve Torres, maybe Layla) How many men in management escort these poor women?! The Divas division is not going to change for the better because they will be overshadowed by Mae Young and transvestytes! How many WWE Film execs hit on these no name groupies. By the way Kaitlyn needs a last name. If she decided to have one, what would it be?

  • xLitaFan4Everx

    Should be interesting to see what these girls are like and what they can do. :)

  • Pat

    Maysa quy please and thanks <3

  • hbgoo1975

    The lady in the red shirt and glasses is hot, who is she?

    • Jack

      That would be Sara Del Rey! She blended in amazingly – I had to look twice myself!

      • KaitlynLover<3

        :O that´s really her!!!

    • shameronstar

      Ha! That’s actually the queen of the ring herself, Sara Del Rey! She’s trainer for the divas in nxt!

    • KaitlynLover<3

      xD I think she is the ugliest from the group!

      • http://unicornduchess07.tumblr.com hellaciousheart

        some comments

      • AJFan95

        Was that even necessary? Aren’t you the same person who consistently makes tasteless jokes too? BYE.

        • http://twitter.com/rodneyclint rodneyclint

          Not to be mean, but I was very confused about why that girl was picked. Now it all makes sense.

  • Spike7000

    Word going around before is that WWE paid these 10 ”contestants” to train down at NXT and that whoever really impresses gets the developmental deal(s)

    I REALLY they learn and take this seriously if whoever gets signed and not quitting a few months later or a year or 2 because oh it wasn’t really for them. Just because Del Rey is the trainer doesn’t mean they are going to turn out ”great”, it’s all on the girls if they want to really learn

    Que the omg they are my favorite Diva(s) because they are like soo pretty

    We now got 6 girls with a previous wrestling background, 3 athletes, and 2 with no previous wrestling experience

  • charovnica

    Just hope Eve & Del Rey are right about these girls.Pretty doesn’t hurt as long as it has more to offer.

  • Lanoom


  • https://www.facebook.com/matt.medina.75 Matt

    Oh, I really hope the diva search is coming back, that was my shit right there!

  • Mr. Asstastic

    The girl on the left in the pink skirt is the only one who has an interesting look, imo. All of the brunettes look the same to me.

  • shameronstar

    Wow, wwe has gone for women like this since the 2004-2006 diva searches, but why would women like this want to be in wwe because these are like glamour, catalogue level women! If this was the attitude era they would all be having a bikini contest and than Kharma would come out and beat them all up and give the prettiest one an implant buster!

    • Spike7000

      Sarcasm much? haha

      • k2evecrew

        I think some of them really do have a interest in wrestling especially after going through a month of training with del rey. I cringe thinking about the pain they probably went through

        • Jake

          Not just Del Ray but Bill DeMott also. I don’t know how Sara trains but I know DeMott is tough.

        • JD Sensations

          DeMott’s training is a bit controversial, he was the one who injured Angel Williams right before her main roster debut….costing her a career in WWE and ultimately causing WWE to lose a big star to TNA

        • DjayDay

          Although I will be the first to call DeMott on the bullshit he pulled in DSW, he has taken a pretty different tune. He constantly puts over the talent, and the talent does likewise. There hasn’t really been any reports about him. I understand that they all work for the same company, but if they didnt like him, they wouldn’t say a word. And it’s almost unanimous the talent loves Bill so he’s obviously not as bad as he used to be.

  • Spike7000

    Did more research mostly all these girls have a acting background. The only that seems wanting to learn more is Olivia Karpinski the 1st one on the left who mentioned on her twitter that she had a shoulder issue but was excited to getting back to learn more plus it looks like she know the names of the basics

    • Spike7000

      *the one on the right of Del Rey

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    interesting, i dont judge, until i see the girls in the ring, because if i remember correctly, when WWE signed Trinity McCray, and everyone on here hated and was gonna stop watching WWE, and how could the sign a Dancer and everything, now look at her, she is the one everyone wants to watch on Raw and wrestle

    so i have no probleems

    • Spike7000

      Because Naomi learned quick plus her athleticism was a factor

      I know you like the pretty ones :)

  • GailKim95

    It’s funny how only one of these girls is an athlete. Oh well, either way Sara will kick their asses into shape sonner rather than later. It’s pretty impossible to train under Sara and NOT learn alot. Also am I the only one who noticed that evryone is wearing shoes except Sara?

    • Melissa

      She must have forgotten to put them back on after she kicked all their asses.

      • AJFan95

        Melissa, I love you. :”(

  • Kitten16x

    I’m pleasantly surprised there weren’t more blonds and It took me a minute to realize Sara and Eve were In this photo. :o)

    • Chryst Voegele

      sarah look lovely with her glasses :)

  • Matty

    Hm, very interesting indeed!

  • http://www.gailkimsource.com Danni

    I like the look of the two on the far left, the girl in the front w/ the leather jacket & the blonde in the lace dress.

    I’m tired of ‘Dissing’ the model girls, its not like its going to end, so why not join it? ;)

    • DjayDay

      Agreed. I’m over hating these girls at this point. Hey atleast they’re sticking them in a ring for a bit prior to signing. I like the Erika girl and Maysa. They both seemed to really enjoy it. In fact, I’ve looked at most of their twitter feeds and they all seemed excited atleast.

  • Spike7000

    The only one I see them signing is Maysa Quy because of her fitness modeling background

  • DJ8946

    Please only sign 1. Then she can go the K2 route waiting years for a push except for she will be better than her. & I’ll say it here if anyone returns I say a face Maryse, a heel Kelly, & no Beth because she’s accomplished everything as a heel & face.

  • Minka

    Is it really a Diva Search in terms of airing the competition on TV? Or is it going to be a behind the scenes type of deal?

    Either way, the photo quality is a bit crappy but I do like the look of the girl in the pink skirt on the left.

    • Jake

      Some of them on Twitter have said or hinted that they’ve been cut from the competition. So it must be a behind the scenes deal.