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Your Two Cents: Which Former Divas Should Return?

“Your Two Cents” is our interactive feature where we gauge the opinions of our Twitter and Facebook followers on different discussions in women’s wrestling.

This week, we’re asking this: With rumors that the WWE is rehiring past Divas, we want to know: if you could bring back just one former Diva, who would it be and why? We’ve read your responses on our social media pages and picked some of the best submissions to highlight here on the website. As always, you can join the debate by leaving your comments!

Ahl Anthony Aggari | Angela Fong. She’s definitely a WWE’s homegrown talent. She never had a chance to showcase her skills.
Berry Bryant | Kharma. She hasn’t been used to her full potential in her previous WWE run. She could also attract non-divas fans to watch the divas match. Her star power is undeniable. Have her feud with Naomi or Natalya (after she finished the business with the Bellas), and I think we’ll get the Divas Match of the Year!
@BestMcCoolN1Fan | It would be Michelle McCool!! WWE & the Divas division needs some flawless action right?!?
Bobby James | The person the Divas Division is missing has to be a monster heel. So for the sake of the division, I’d bring back Jazz. Though, I’d like to see Kharma, desperately!
Brandon Jones | Beth Phoenix because her send-off wasn’t that great.
Dennis Abell | Serena. She had a unique look and is oozing potential. Plus she had a cool finisher in her one WWE match.
@DivaAlexxandra | My pick is Maria. I think she always had alot of passion for wrestling and that’s obvious in the fact that she’s gone into it on the Indy scene. Also she has more experience now than she did in the WWE. I also believe that Maria never got a full chance to shine, especially towards the end of her career. She never got a chance to try her hand at being a heel in WWE and she never really got a real go at either the Women’s or the Divas Championship. I think Maria also brings great character to the division. She played the ditzy chick so well and then completely transformed her character after a while. Everything she does is believable. That trait is something that would be nice to have in the division. Also she doesn’t have any children right now like many of the past Divas and she could bring her future hubby Mike Bennett along, who is also deserving of a spot on the roster.
Eric Holt | If I could bring back any former Diva, I would bring back Lita. The way WWE ended Lita’s career with the Ho sale at Survivor Series wasn’t quite the ending I wanted Lita to have. I would love to have Lita back for at least one more run with the company. Plus, I’d love to see her go against her #1 fan AJ.
Jamie M | Chyna, because she set standards and really raised the bar for women. People really forget how amazing and “over” she was. However the chances of that are very very slim so I think I would have to say Melina. Plain and simple she is a great wrestler with a very consistent personality. You always knew what she was about when you saw her on TV.
Jesus A. Santiago Feliciano | My obvious answer would have to be Candice Michelle, but, she is a full time mom, so she would probably say no. I think I would rehire Maryse, the Queen of sexy, because she was one of the most charismatic, entertaining Divas WWE has ever had. Plus she could return as a face, because it would be refreshing on her, and team up with The Miz and become the IT couple… SEXY and AWESOME!!!!!!!!
Matt Medina | Since everyone is saying Kharma, I’m gonna be different and say Trinity! They never capitalized on what they had with her, I mean did you her ovation when she came out for that Halloween contest with Ariel & Kelly Kelly.
Reggie Encore Addison Jr. | Mickie James would make the most sense in my opinion. She was obviously let go for stupid reasons and she was way over.. AND she can wrestle. To get the division back on track there need’s to someone who’s way over as a face or someone who’s way over as a heel like Beth was when she feuded with Mickie. Just my opinion though.
Robert D Martinez | Melina, because she always brought a huge pop whenever she performed, plus she was one of the most popular Divas! We need our A-list Diva BACK!
Rolland Foor | Jacqueline. She’S been denied way to long now and it’s time for her to be brought back to the WWE…
Scott Johnson | Ideally Kong would come back, but there isn’t a good enough division to bring her back for. Realistically, who in the division could be put as a worthy opponent? The best wrestlers they have right now are Natalya and AJ. While I would love to see a Kong/Natalya thing, that can’t go on forever, and everything else for her would be a squash match. We have seen that with her time in TNA. I want Kong to come back, but I want something for her to come back to.

Personally, I would love to see Maxine make a return. I think she had grown SO much in the ring since her horrid days in NXT. I think, with more time to train, she could be a solid worker. She definitely had the charisma to fit in.

And now we turn it over to you…

What are your two cents on the debate? Who would you bring back to the WWE? Tell us in the comments…

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