Nikki Roxx to Leave Wrestling in December

Longtime indy star and former TNA Knockout Nikki Roxx is stepping away from wrestling…for now.

Nikki revealed the news on Twitter, tweeting about wrestling her last match for SHINE last Friday:

Her last match appears to be set for December, with her wrestling for Lucky Pro Wrestling:

Though it looks like this might be it for her in-ring career, Nikki doesn’t like to use the “r” word, tweeting:

Outside of wrestling, Nikki competes in fitness competitions and works as a health coach.

She joins fellow indy mainstay Rain in leaving the sport this December.

If this is truly Nikki’s last go-round, she will be missed!

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  • shameronstar

    NOOO! Not Roxxi:( tna you should have given her a title run!

  • shameronstar

    So many wrestlers retiring soon wwe will the the only place to create new wrestlers and Roxxi looks great in that picture by the way!

    • Akayla

      Was this Roxxi? As in Roxxi Laveaux?

      • shameronstar

        Yes, this is tna’s Roxxi, but on the indies she goes by the name Nikki Roxx!

        • Akayla

          Wow. She looks diffrent in this picture. She is gawgeous.

      • Chad


  • BorisG

    No, but I hope she returns later.

  • I dig CrayJ

    Sad for her. She deserved more in TNA, a title run, and it should’ve been her that returned to beat up Velvet, not One Dirty Bitch that I know of…

  • Oh FASHIONABLE Snap..!

    I always wanted her in WWE… Shes so beautiful..But oh well i guess. TNA should have made her champion. she deserved it.

  • XavierSkyy

    It’s so rare to find someone who is hardcore, a great worker, AND gorgeous. She’s one of the few that’s the full package and I hope she returns sooner rather than later!

  • NT86

    I still can’t believe how TNA dropped the ball with her around 2008/09. She was so over at that point.

    She looks really hot in the photo. And what a figure!

    • vdcvt

      TNA screwed her multiple times. They released her so many times and always dropped the ball with her. It really sucks :/

  • Aaron Evans

    Wow! She is gorgeous! I never really noticed her in that way before but that photo, my god!

  • CJ
  • CJ

    I can’t say I am much of a TNA enthusiast. But, I really enjoyed “Roxxi Laveaux” in TNA. I really don’t understand why she was let go. She was amazing.

  • Shan

    I loved her as the VooDoo Queen Roxxi! She will be missed.

    • Akayla

      Shan, where have you been?

  • Bruno Santos

    Damn she is looking hot

  • Escobar Furious Sr.

    Best women’s wrestling finisher ever! The Voodoo Drop is a killer maneuver! I wish her all the best!

  • Jules Ellington

    Will miss her :(! She has a really long and youthful neck.

  • Raekon

    I really hope she will have her last match in SHINE in december and that she will return at some Point cause she will definately be missed. :(

  • The_Only_TDub

    God bless and good luck Nikki.