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Raw Redux (November 4th, 2013): Husband and Wife Reunite and a Rookie Picks Up Her First Win

Raw keeps on delivering it seems and last night was no exception. We were gifted with two beautiful Diva matches, both unique and special in their own way. First up, we had Total Divas co-stars, the husband and wife team of returning Tyson Kidd and Natalya taking on our favorite sequined duo Fandango and Summer “Slay” Rae. Up second, we had more Total Divas bombshells Brie and Nikki Bella and Eva Marie taking on WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee, her bodyguard/bestie Tamina Snuka and the Lithuanian Queen Aksana.

First and foremost, all of us here at Diva Dirt want to welcome Tyson Kidd back to Raw with open arms. Thanks to Total Divas, all of us were privy to some of Tyson’s ups and downs during his rehabilitation and to see him back in action is a total treat. Also, it was completely and totally awesome to see him teaming with his wifey. Love these two!

Summer controlled most of the Diva portion of the match, like we’ve been seeing, and once again she proved just how far she has come. I can’t stress this point enough, some people either get it or they don’t, and Summer Rae gets it. From her head down to her toes, she is in character at all times and doing all the little things that make someone stand out from the competition. At this point, she is probably the best Diva on the roster in terms of being the complete package, and I can’t wait to see her continue competing and going against some of the other Divas. This is all I wanted for Summer when she was brought up from FCW because she showed so much down there. That’s why I was disappointed when she was reduced to the roll of arm candy/dancer. This girl has loads of potential and just seeing how she owned her role as Fandango’s valet speaks volumes about her.

This was another solid match, and Tyson looked amazing. He hasn’t lost a beat. I thought he had great chemistry with our favorite ballroom leading man (sorry Derek Hough!), and they worked well. The ending was fun, with Natalya making sure Summer didn’t interfere again, and the celebration was so cute. Nattie and Tyson are adorable. Loved it and I loved this match. Curious to see what’s going to happen next, if anything between these four.

The second match of the evening saw a surprise ending that none of us could have possibility predicted. Miss Eva Marie got a HUGE pin on Tamina! This match, for me, was the better of the two because of how it was paced. I love when we get these tag matches and everyone has a chance to get involved. Sure, Eva got a sneaky little victory, but it was perfect for her and for building her character. We know she’s got a long way to go before she becomes a solid force inside the ring, but the bump she took the outside thanks to Tamina was sick looking. I really liked that, and I like that she had the gumption to tag herself in when Brie was trying to recover in the corner. Great job to Eva Marie.

Aksana didn’t get a chance to do much, and that’s alright. She still got a tag and she still got to pick on Nikki, and that was fun. Aksana isn’t the best, but she works with what she’s got, and I appreciate the fact she’s getting more of an opportunity on television at the moment. On the other side, Nikki is becoming just as great as Brie in the ring. She made Tamina look like a million dollars tonight and is great at bumping and selling. I’m so glad she’s able to wrestle again and I’m hoping she gets a chance at the title soon. AJ, Tamina, and Brie just continue to do what they do week in and week out. I love the Divas right now, so so much, and it’s about time that these women get these chances. They’re so underrated and I’m just thankful that we are getting so much from them now.

I might now have watched all of Raw, but I did watch the parts of it that were important to me. These two Diva matches made me so happy and so, so proud! Excellent work, ladies, and kudos to Tyson and Fandango too. I can’t wait to see what happens on SmackDown later this week, and obviously you guys know I’m amped up for Sunday. Total Divas has been gone from my life for way to long. Obviously, I welcome that show back with open arms. That’s all I’ve got for this week. Until then… Cryssi out!

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