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10 women wrestlers to look out for in 2021

We can all agree that 2020 was not the year we wanted it to be. Throughout the pandemic, independent wrestling could not continue leaving the majority wrestlers without a stage to perform. Some promotions reopened in the summer and allowed wrestlers to back in the ring and finish off the year as strong as they started it. AEW and IMPACT have been instrumental in showcasing several prominent unsigned talents, which allowed wrestlers to get invaluable exposure. Despite the break and sporadic appearances, there were still plenty of excellent performances and standout stars in 2020.

Wrestling has been a constant source for entertainment throughout the pandemic and hopefully, this year will be a lot more prosperous for the scene and for all of the amazing female talent plying their trade up and down the country. Therefore, we have compiled a list of performers who are most certainly worth your attention over the next twelve months.

In no particular order here are ten women wrestlers who will most definitely make serious waves in 2021.


Heather Monroe

Heather Monroe is just one of those wrestlers that has everything. Strength, speed and agility plus bags of style too. Her eclectic in-ring style boasts a mixture of martial arts, mat-based wrestling and Lucha libre. Combined with her acting skills and character work, The Killer Bae is stand up and take notice performer.

When independent wrestling returned Monroe made up for lost time by appearing for several companies in quick succession. She was a surprise opponent for Hikaru Shida on AEW Dynamite, she wrestled on the first-ever UWN Prime Time Live as well as picking up where she left off in the epic Best of Seven feud with Lacey Ryan on Championship Wrestling From Hollywood.

Monroe is a talent that any of the big three would be wise in signing as he has the skill, talent and looks that makes her a standout performer and one that is going to take 2021 by storm.

Trish Adora

Credit: @TrishAdora202

Trish Adora is a legitimate badass. She served in the United States Army for eight years before training with the Dudleyz at their school in 2015. Since then she has been making a name for herself on the scene all across the world.

Adora is a strong, powerful and athletic wrestler who proudly represents her culture and heritage. She was crowned the first-ever Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling Champion early last year and has held the title for over three-hundred days thus far.

Trish Adora is a standout from performer from her in-ring ability, striking attire and sheer presence. She finished 2020 as she started it by fighting and representing. Her name is one that you will all be talking about this year.

Jenna Van Muscles


As her name suggests Jenna Van Muscles is big, strong and powerful. Also known as JENNACIDE and “Bionic Beast” Jenna, she has been destroying those who stand her way all year.

Van Muscles has been killing it on the scene ever since it reopened. She appeared for Mission Pro Wrestling, which is where she debuted her new JENNACIDE character.

An impressive and eye-catching wrestler with an equally unforgettable gimmick, JENNACIDE has recently appeared on AEW Dark. Expect to see a lot more of the Bionic Beast this year.

Elayna Black

Elayna Black to make her AEW in-ring debut
Credit: @ElaynaBlack

Elayna Black brought her dark and brooding character to the forefront every chance she got last year. Known as the “Sorceress Of Sin” because of her gothic look and coffin-shaped box, which carries her collection of tarot cards, but she also has a wicked move set. Black possesses an arsenal of athletic, fast and fierce offence.

Despite the lockdown, Black managed to get in a decent amount of ring time for an array of promotions all over the country, from Mission Pro Wrestling to Shimmer and Warrior Wrestling to AEW.

Black enters her third year in the business, and at twenty years old, the Sorceress of Sin most certainly holds all the (tarot) cards to make 2021 a year that puts her on the map.

Madi Wrenkowski

Credit: @Madi_Wrenkowski

Madi Wrenkowski has only been wrestling since 2019, which makes her rise on the scene even more impressive. Wrenkowski made a name herself on the Texas independent scene with a handfull of matches under belt.

She is cocky, confident and has bags of attitude plus she can back it up with fast and feirce offence. Wrenkowski is a regular for Thunder Rosa’s Mission Pro Wrestling where her performances have made her standout name.

She finished off 2020 strong with two decent performances on AEW Dark, which allowed her show her in-ring skills and fun, heelish antics. No doubt the name Madi Wrenkowski will be heard a lot more in 2021.

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