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10 WWE Women Who Should Have Won A Specific Title – Part One

Winning a championship in wrestling doesn’t always define one’s importance to the industry. There are many women in history who never won gold and/or never one that one specific championship that they really should have. Regardless of that, some are still remembered years later for their impact on the business. With all of this, there is no denying the perfect time for someone to win a championship, and for the ten women listed below unfortunately they never held the specific title listed.

Looking back, there are so many women in the history of WWE that should have won a specific title. Since there are so many, this will just be the Part One list. If you have any you feel should have won a title and even a specific time they should have won it, add it to the comment section below, and let’s discuss!

Let’s start off with a woman who many who grew up in the 90s defined as one who used to strike fear in their souls.

Luna – WWF Women’s Championship

When one thinks about the women of WWF in the 90s there is always one name that is instantly thought of – Luna Vachon. Luna was a character that not only entertained the audience but struck fear in many. She was a bold character that had all eyes on her. She was truly one of a kind.

Luna wasn’t in a whole lot of championship bouts but WWF should have 100% capitalized on her. She would do battle with Ivory for the championship but it was her feud with Sable that had many buzzing. The two women’s on-screen fighting plus their real-life animosity added to the feud. Luna and Sable fought at the 1999 Royal Rumble in a strap match with Sable keeping the title.

Tori – WWF Women’s Championship

Just after Luna comes Tori. Another woman during this same era who could have been taken to that next level. Tori’s first match and victory in the company was over Luna. She was often put into the muscle role as she would be the one to help Stephanie McMahon capture the WWF Women’s Title after delivering a DDT to then-champion Jacqueline.

The potential for Tori was there from the start as she received a championship match in one of her first matches for the company and on the biggest stage of them all. At WrestleMania XV Tori received a match on a show where women were often rarely seen in the ring. She would face Sable for the WWF Women’s Title after debuting as her obsessed fan. Tori would lose this match after Nicole Bass debuted to help out Sable.

Torrie Wilson – Divas Championship

Now onto a much different Torrie – Torrie Wilson. Wilson being released and subsequently retiring just two months before the first Divas Champion was crowned was one of the biggest missed opportunities in the Divas Era. Torrie was a Diva through and through. She grew in the ring as a competitor when she was given opportunities outside of bra & panties or lingerie matches.

Despite never winning a championship in her career regardless if it was the Divas Title she never got to compete for or the WWF Women’s Title she still was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2019. This shows how much of an impact she had on the industry and the company without needing the gold.

She would receive a WWE Women’s Title match against Molly Holly in 2002 on an episode of SmackDown. And in typical fashion during that time, the match lasted under three minutes.

Gail Kim – Divas Championship

When Gail Kim came back to WWE in 2009 it was the perfect time after the Divas Championship was introduced in 2008. She even would interrupt a Divas Title match between Michelle McCool and Maryse which would seemingly put her right into the title picture. Kim would defeat Maryse in a non-title match but wouldn’t be able to capture the gold in which the title was on the line. She would get a few championship opportunities but her return was not what it should have been.

Of course, Kim would prove that she is one of the best women’s wrestlers of all time in TNA/Impact Wrestling but her success should have been so much more in WWE.

Naomi – Divas Championship

This one will always feel, to me at least, that fans were cheated out of a Naomi Divas Championship reign. Being the inaugural FCW Divas Champion one would think a championship such as the Divas Championship would be perfect for Naomi to hold. Which it was. She has a couple of opportunities but none felt as right as the Triple Threat that took place at Elimination Chamber when Nikki Bella was champion. Paige was also involved. If it wasn’t for the reign of Nikki Bella at the time, Naomi would have won the gold at this time and should have.

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