Sunday, March 3, 2024

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2 Laylas For the Price of 1

Layla produces arguably the WWE’s best photoshoots, so if there’s any Diva that deserves a double-sized photoshoot, it’s her. “Treasure”, her latest photoshoot, has an obvious pattern – bright gold and sleek black. She looks phenomenal in both looks, taking two similar concepts and making them each their own and not getting repetitive like some Divas do from photoshoot to photoshoot (hey there, Kelly). The first look is intriguing, with the gold script seen on both her top and at her knees. It’s definitely one she should wear in the ring – perhaps her “signature look”? The second look is more casual, with a tank top and jeans accented by gold jewelry and bold belt, and she pulls it off as easily as the first. And it’s a good thing too, because with her recent ascent into royalty, we probably should be getting used to seeing Layla covered in gold.

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