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5 wrestlers we want to become the first AEW TBS Champion

AEW unveiled a brand new women’s title on the October 6 edition of Dynamite. To coincide with the show moving to the TBS channel on January 5 2022 the promotion created the TBS Championship.

Referee Aubrey Edwards unveiled the TBS Championship, which will be decided in a tournament next year.

Similar to the TNT Championship the title will act as a mid-card belt for AEW’s growing and evolving women’s division.

The introduction of a new title within the women’s division is excellent news. The title provides further opportunities for the wrestlers, the chance for secondary storylines, and more TV time and exposure for the division as a whole.

Now the title has been created, introduced and welcomed, here are five wrestlers we want to see become the first-ever AEW TBS Champion.

5. Tay Conti

Tay Conti is one of AEW’s greatest success stories. Since joining the promotion she has established herself as a strong and solid competitor.

Wasted in NXT Conti took the ball and ran with it in AEW. Upon signing with the company she struck up a heartwarming partnership with Anna Jay and it was clear she had a home in AEW.

During her time in AEW, Conti has grown as a performer, improved as a wrestler and excelled every chance she has got. Her hard work and determination led to her challenge for the AEW Women’s World Championship and the NWA World Women’s Championship.

It was her grind and hustle that garnered the support of the fans. Conti has always possessed a genuine likability and a unique charisma that has drawn the attention of the crowd making her one of the most popular stars in AEW. If Conti were crowned the first-ever TBS Champion it would be the ultimate feel-good moment and a deserved accomplishment.

4. Thunder Rosa

Thunder Rosa is terrific. There are no other words to describe what she has achieved in her wrestling career. She elevates herself and everyone around her wherever she goes.

La Mera Mera flourished in NWA, became champion, fought for Combate Americas and then kicked down the door to debut in AEW, bringing credibility and legitimacy along with her.

Her presence took the promotion’s women’s division to another level and continues to do so whenever she appears.

Despite racking up the wins and receiving huge reactions she remains oddly out of the title picture. For Rosa to win the TBS Championship it would be a great way to establish her further in the company and give the brand new title and tonne of respect from the get-go.

3. Jamie Hayter

Jamie Hayter has accomplished a lot in her six-year wrestling career so far. She is a two-time RevPro Undisputed British Women’s Champion, a Goddess of STARDOM Champion and EVE International Champion.

Since returning to AEW Hayter sided with Britt Baker and acts as her security, a role she is adept at playing. Hayter possesses arrogant charisma, an air of defiance that makes her an interesting performer. Her presence is intimidating and she has the skills and power to back it up.

Her presence and star power are evident and what is even more exciting is she still has bags of untapped potential.

The TBS Championship is a title perfect for someone in Hayter’s position. A star in the making with bags of promise is just what the title is made for.

2. Jade Cargill

Jade Cargill is an undeniable star and one of the most impressive women in the entire wrestling industry. Her size, stature and incredible look are standout attributes as is her attitude and powerhouse move set.

Since day one in AEW Cargill has been presented as a big deal. Her first appearance saw her interrupt Cody Rhodes before partnering with Shaq in her first-ever match.

Her confidence is sky high and she commands attention whenever she is on screen. She remains undefeated in AEW and shows no signs of slowing down. However, despite her dominance, Cargill’s wrestling career is in its infancy but her potential is more than evident.

For Cargill to win the TBS Championship it would be a significant step to realising that potential, while a statement for the entire division and the title itself.

1. Ruby Soho

In just a few months Ruby Soho has already shown just how influential and important her presence in AEW is. Easily one of the biggest names in the company Soho instantly added excitement and focus into the division.

She is one of the best in the ring but only got the chance to show glimpses of what she could do in WWE. Now in AEW Soho is more than proving her worth. Immediately put into the title picture in her debut outing when she won the Casino Battle Royale.

In only her third match in the company, she headlined the biggest episode of Dynamite to date. The match against Britt Baker for the AEW Women’s World Championship at Grand Slam was the second time in the promotion’s history women were in the main event.

Ruby Soho as the TBS Champion would not only see her win her first-ever mainstream title but put the championship firmly on the map.

What do you make of the list? Add your picks in the comments below.

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