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A Note on Year-End Awards

I had hoped to avoid this but I think it needs to be said. There has been some backlash over yesterday’s Year-End Awards result and frankly, some of the reactions have been extremely over the top.

* Any awards or anything of that nature is subjective and there will always be people that agree and those that disagree.

* The awards are voted for by you and we seek your input throughout the whole process, including nominations. We have tried to make the process as fair as possible. We have used the same formula two years in a row now and had no problem last year.

* We allowed a month for voting. Rather than complaining after the fact, perhaps you could have used that time more wisely.

* The award winners aren’t necessarily the opinion of the Diva Dirt team, so directing your hissy fits at us is pointless.

* Just because you don’t agree with the winner doesn’t give you the right to make disparaging comments about people, i.e. cussing.

* Some of the complaints have been about the number of awards won by WWE Divas compared to TNA Knockouts. There are many theories for this that could be considered. Consider the amount of people that watch WWE compared to TNA, for example.

* Some of the comments, and this is my pet peeve, have come from people who think they are ‘above’ the Divas or certain Knockouts. “Why should so-and-so win? She’s not a real wrestler, so-and-so is!” I’ve said this multiple times before — the site is called Diva Dirt. We appreciate all forms of women’s wrestling but this site for the most part is dedicated to the WWE Divas and TNA Knockouts. That is what we watch and that is what is readily available to the majority of our readers. We will unashamedly support the Divas and Knockouts and if you think you’re above that, go somewhere else.

* Lastly, it’s only the Internet people. Some of the hissy fits in the comments have been laughable. Please for your own health, don’t give yourselves conniptions over a freakin’ website. It’s not that serious.

Thank you to all those who voted. Thank you to those who expressed their opinion rationally, without resorting to hysterics, even if they don’t agree. And thank you to those of you who realise it’s only the Internet and not a life and death situation.

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