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A Sign of Things To Come?

Katie Lea may have only made her in-ring debut on television this past week on RAW, but the Diva has been wrestling house shows with the likes of Mickie James and Beth Phoenix for a little while now. Previously, I didn’t read too much into it, but after checking out the house show results from last night – I’m beginning to wonder if WWE is grooming Katie to become a big part of the women’s division. Up until now, Katie has been involved in her own storyline with Paul Burchill and she wasn’t included in the West Side Story-esque feud going into Backlash. It begs the question, why WWE is booking her on house shows anyway?

At last night’s house show, Katie competed with Mickie James in a Women’s Championship match. Could it be just a “fresh” match-up rather than serving up Beth-Mickie part 244635 to the audience? Or could it be a test run for a future feud? I’m hoping it’s the latter! In fact, thinking about it, these two Divas could really put on a show-stealing match.

Since Katie joined RAW, I’ve been really anxious to see her integrated into the women’s division because I think she could make a major impact and be a future Women’s Champion. Maybe I’m just reading too much into it, but hopefully after WWE has played out the Beth-Mickie feud, Katie can insert herself into the women’s division in an explosive fashion. This could be a really entertaining, “must-watch” rivalry going into SummerSlam. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a fresh, gritty one-on-one Divas feud on RAW, this could be it.

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