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Abadon takes a bite out of Hikaru Shida as things get tasty on AEW Dynamite

‘Twas the AEW Dynamite before Christmas and aptly named Holiday Bash had a two interesting women’s segments on the show. Hikaru Shida was in action and her and Abadon showed no signs of slowing down, while Jade Cargill made a big statement. Plus Penelope Ford and Kip Sabian set a date for the wedding.

We start with Cargill who congratulates Brandi Rhodes on her pregnancy. But Cargill states it is a little convenient that AEW’s Cheif Brand Officer get pregnant as soon as she called her out. Cargill demands a worthy opponent because she is tired of this sh*t.

Cargill vs Rhodes was gearing up but now the latter is pregnent and will be off television some time. Cargill needs a match and really good one to back her her words and the confidence she exudes.

Next up is the wedding announcement. The big day is set for Feb 3, 2021, at AEW Beach Break.

This wedding can’t come soon enough, not just because we all love a wrestling wedding, but Ford needs a much more prominent spot in the company. Way back July, Ford had the best match of her career when she challenged Shida for the title at Fyter Fest. Since then she is hardly on television and when she is it is watching Sabian and Miro play video games when she should be growing into the star she is.

Match time. Hikaru Shida vs Alex Gracia.

Alex Gracia got her first win in AEW when she defeated KiLynne King on Dark. Her reward was to face Shida in a non-title match.

Before the match took place “The Living Dead Girl” Abadon continued her rivalry with Shida by attacking the champ backstage. Despite the beat down Shida showing the true heart of a champion made her way to the ring to face “The Pink Dream”.

Shida dominates from the start but Gracia gets some offence in as they exchange dropkicks. Gracia captures Shida with an inside cradle for a two-count.

The action spills to the outside and Shida is confronted with Abadon once more. The champ shows that she isn’t afraid of her by charding at her with a flurry of strikes.

With Abadon out of the way, Shida still had business to attend to in the ring. She rolls back in and reverses head scissor takedown into a backbreaker followed by a Falcon Arrow to win the match.

After the match, Shida pokes Abadon with a kendo stick to check if she is still alive. Abadon leaps into life and lays into the champ before pinning her against the barricade and sinking her teeth into Shida’s neck. As Shida lay bleeding the “Living Dead Girl” headed up the ramp with blood dripping from her mouth.

The incident has led to a title match between the two at next week’s AEW New Year’s Smash.

What did you make of the Abadon and Shida exchange and who do think is leaving New Year’s Smash as the AEW Women’s World Champion? Sound off in the comments below and have a wonderful Christmas.

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