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Japanese legend to make UK Debut

‘Let’s Make History.’

The words were once spoken by British Womens Wrestling Promotion, Pro Wrestling EVE. This was when they held the first ever all women’s wrestling show in London. Now they look to do it again, but this time, by bringing along a legendary name.

On May 5th 2018 at the York Hall, Bethnal Green in London, Pro Wrestling EVE presents “Lets Make History… AGAIN!” Japanese Womens Wrestling legend, Aja Kong, will be making her United Kingdom debut, against Viper.

Aja is a 47-year old veteran who has been wrestling for over 30 years. She is best known for her amazing work in promotions such as All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling, Oz Academy, Sendai Girls’ Pro Wrestling, and many others around the world.

Also at this show, She-1 Winner, Charlie Morgan will challenge for the Pro Wrestling EVE Championship against whoever the champion is at the time.

What do you all think of this? Are you excited to see Aja Kong debut in the UK? Who do you think will win between Aja and Viper? Will you be going to this already hyped show? As always, let us know in the comments below!

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