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AJ’s Entrance Music in Full – Love it or Hate it?

New SmackDown Diva, AJ, debuted her entrance music on last night’s show to polarizing opinion. You either loved it and felt it fit her to a tee, or you hated it. But wait… didn’t your mother tell you not to judge a book by its cover?

How can we possible make up our minds without hearing the song in all its, er… glory?

SmackDown Redux (June 10th, 2011): Lay-Cool Called. They Want Their Gimmick Back.

Listen below:

So, now you’ve heard the song in full and have a more informed opinion, vote below. Love it or hate it?

Thoughts: As other members of Team DD have pointed out, it really sounds like joshi wrestler Misaki Ohata’s theme in the SHIMMER DVD series. AJ likes comic books etc. which isn’t a far stretch from anime. (Okay fanboys, simmer down.) However, it wouldn’t feel out of place on an episode of Hannah Montana either. Despite all this, I still feel it fits AJ.

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