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Alexa Bliss Is The Face Of Evil; Two More Names Added To The Rumble


The Jan. 9 episode of Raw had Alexa Bliss explaining her actions against Bianca Belair last week plus two women’s matches take place.

First, Bliss had her segment as she stepped on top of the commentary desk. She took to the mic to address what took place last week. Commentary confirmed that Belair walked away from what took place with just some stitches.

Bliss started by saying that Belair may be the Raw Women’s Champion but it would be Bliss that is the only one here. She says once she busted Belair’s face open she decided to go run and hide. This confirms that Belair doesn’t need to be afraid of Bray Wyatt or Uncle Howdy, she is only afraid of Bliss. Why is this? Because Bliss is the face of evil and she doesn’t feel bad about what she did because she hasn’t felt this good in a really long time.

Bliss adds that she has finally taken control and she has the whole world in her hands and she isn’t afraid to use her hands to tear more scars into Belair’s face and take the Raw Women’s Championship from her.

After claiming that she would become champion, Bliss was interrupted by a shot of a playground and flash of images from her past time as evil Alexa. Uncle Howdy would then appear and make his way out on stage. The segment then went to a commercial break and as we come back we did not see Bliss or Howdy but instead moved on to the first women’s match of the night.

The first of two women’s matches was Michin taking on Bayley. Last week, Michin had Becky Lynch‘s back against Damage CTRL and served as her tag team partner. This week, Lynch was not present which allowed Bayley to get into the head of Michin.

The match came down to an exchange in the corner leading up to a backslide by Bayley. The pin was assisted with Bayley’s foot on the ropes that the referee never saw. A three count gave Bayley the victory leaving Michin visibly upset in the ring.

Later in the night, Damage CTRL were having an interview when Michin came up to address the cheating victory. All three members attacked Michin showing how Lynch is nowhere to be seen when Michin really needed her.

Next up we have Candice LeRae being interviewed backstage. Nikki Cross is spying on her for about the 9th week in a row and we still don’t know why. LeRae provides an update on Johnny Gargano stating that he is out with an injury. She was then asked what is next for her and she commented on the Royal Rumble essentially stating that she intends on being in the Rumble.

Rhea Ripley would interrupt her and laughs at LeRae’s statement of a potential Rumble victory. After calling her delusional, LeRae states that she has just a good of a chance to win the Rumble as Ripley does. The two decide to take things to the next level and have a match.

The match came down to an attack from Ripley on LeRae on the outside. As LeRae attempted a cross body she was caught by Ripley who would then toss her into the barricae multiple times and even apply the triangle submission. Once back in the ring, Ripley set up LeRae for the Riptide to get the victory.

Royal Rumble participants confirmed –

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