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Alexa Bliss takes final spot in the Elimination Chamber, Bianca Belair will enter the chamber last

Heading into tonight’s Raw there was still one spot left open in the women’s Elimination Chamber match for this Saturday. That last spot now goes to Alexa Bliss who has seemingly come to the end of her journey back. Bliss has not competed in a match since losing to Charlotte Flair at Extreme Rules back in September.

For weeks and weeks now, Bliss has been having therapy sessions to get over the loss of her best friend Lilly. Lilly was destroyed by Flair during Bliss’ last match at Extreme Rules. From the start of her therapy sessions to now, Bliss has not only been changing how she controls her anger, but she has also been moving more and more away from the look she once had.

Her therapist revealed the remnants of Lilly and he presented them to Bliss so she could be at peace. Bliss chose to contain her anger when presented with this and her therapist then brought out the replica Lilly doll. He confirms that Bliss is now cured, or at least as cured as she is going to be.

Bliss can now admit that Lilly is gone. However, inside of the replica Lilly is the stuffings from the real Lilly. Her therapist feels that Bliss will go on to have an extraordinary life and career.

He wants her to continue to have Lilly by her side to solidify that she is cured. Bliss ends the segment by declaring herself for the Elimination Chamber match and takes the sixth and final spot. The winner of this upcoming match which also includes Liv Morgan, Rhea Ripley, Bianca Belair, Doudrop, and Nikki A.S.H. will go on to challenge for the Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania.

Speaking on the other competitors in the Elimination Chamber match this weekend, there was a gauntlet match on this week’s Raw where the winner would be the final entrant in the chamber. Alexa Bliss was not included in this gauntlet match as her announcement for the Elimination Chamber came after this.

Rhea Ripley would have a fantastic showing after starting the match with Nikki. She would last through Nikki, Liv Morgan, and Doudrop in that order before being bested by Belair in the end. In the first 30-minutes of the match, Ripley would battle through the first three women before delivering a Riptide to each one of them to get the pin.

In a match that lasted 44 minutes, which involved Ripley from bell to bell, she finally fell victim to a KOD to Belair after the two put on a great battle. They both show good sportsmanship after the match.

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Check back in with Diva Dirt for further news and results from the winner of Raw. There will be an Elimination Chamber discussion post this Saturday at Noon EST.

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