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Alexa Bliss Wanted A Darker And Deeper Gimmick Upon Her Return

Alexa Bliss was out of action for the back half of 2021 after Extreme Rules where she was written off to have surgery. Upon her exit, she failed to capture the Raw Women’s Title against Charlotte Flair who destroyed Bliss’ doll Lilly. At the start of the year after a series of on-air therapy sessions, she had an appearance at Elimination Chamber in February. She stayed off of WWE programming for the months following, missing WrestleMania, and returning in early May.

While speaking with Ryan Satin on Out of Character, Bliss talked about the current character she is portraying. Still with Lilly by her side (and doing credit card commercials), Bliss isn’t the dark version she once was. She went into more detail about how she wanted to return still with the Dark version of Alexa but differently. The therapy sessions would have panned out different if they went by the pitch originally talked about.

“That was a pitch that I pitched for a very long time. It was originally a different kind of therapy because I wanted to be taken away at Extreme Rules and then come back a different version of the Dark Alexa character. Obviously, things change and all that jazz. I had to have surgery, so we were like, ‘oh, perfect, it’s an amount of time to go away and give time for Extreme Rules to settle and come back with these therapy sessions.’ They were so much fun. Everyone knows I love acting and performing in that aspect. It’s something I always feel creatively fulfilled in. For me, it was my creative outlet, having the most fun I can. It was so much fun. We have a good amount of creative control and Vince (McMahon) was super awesome. From what I’ve heard, he sat down for a few hours, wrote it all out, and took the vision and made it come to life,” she said. (Fightful)

She wanted the character of Dark Alexa that she portrayed for the better part of a year. Even a different version of Lilly was in the plans.

“I did. I wanted it to go even darker and deeper. I had Jason (Baker) come out with a sketch and prototype of a different version of Lilly, which would have been super cool. Obviously, with creative, things always change. I’m still holding on that this new version of Lilly will come out one day. We’ll see.”

Since her return, Bliss had been on a winning streak in singles matches up until the June 25 episode of Raw where she lost to Liv Morgan. She participated in the Money in the Bank ladder match this past weekend which was won by Morgan.

For the full interview, you can view it below –

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