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TLC Results: Alexa Bliss wins the SmackDown Women’s Championship

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Tonight at TLC, Alexa Bliss got her rematch for the SmackDown Women’s title against Becky Lynch in a Tables match and this time walking away with the gold.

Becky cornered Alexa early on and quickly went hunting for tables under the ring. Alexa caught up with Becky, managing to take her down to delay a table from being introduced.

The champion then pursued Alexa to the opposite side of the ring, setting up for a power bomb through the announcement table but Alexa held on to the ring ropes and fended herself from Becky with kicks to the head. The Superstars met back in the ring, where Becky connected a snap suplex to Alexa. Becky then retracted her steps from, pulled out a table from the ring and successfully set it up at ringside.

A battle from the ring apron began, with Alexa escaping near defeat by biting Becky’s fingers and using the ropes to choke out the champion. Alexa then set up a table of her own inside the ring.

The table would get tossed all around the ring after Alexa managed to block Becky’s Bex Plex. The challenger would turn the table upside down to land a DDT to the champion through the upturn table. Still, Becky also managed to have her own fun with the misplaced table by running Alexa’s arm through the legs of the table and locking in the Dis-Arm-Her Submission.

In the end, the initial table Becky had set up would be her downfall, as Alexa would dodge a kick from Becky and send the champion through a table via power bomb through to win her first SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Post match, Becky refused to be interviewed, citing she was disappointed in herself and the outcome of her tables match.

What did you think of the match?

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