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Alicia Fox Talks End Of Her WWE Career

Former WWE Divas Champion Alicia Fox now going by Vix Crow sat down with DS Shin of Ring the Belle to talk about her career. A 17-year veteran recently ended her time with the promotion and Shin sat down with her to talk about the fan voted top five moments.

The top 5 moments included –

  • Alicia Fox vs. Mickie James – Divas Title Match
  • Alicia Fox wins Divas Championship
  • Fox goes wild
  • Alicia Fox becomes captain of team Raw
  • Alicia Fox & Mickie James vs. Trish Stratus & Lita – Evolution

Fox talked about not being utilized during the pandemic and how her contract came to an end in April 2023.

“For me, during the pandemic, I was at home, and I don’t really know why I’m at home. But my luggage is packed, ready to go. I’m healthy enough, I’m in shape enough. Whatever’s going on at work and my bag’s packed, not packed, whatever, I knew that there was a date in April coming that, my contract comes to an end. It was like April 25 or something this year, and it was kind of this waiting pattern that I was used to already having. Well, they’ll call me when they need me. Whatever. I broke my tailbone, it was Rumble [2018], Michelle hadn’t been in the ring in seven years, and I think me, her, and Fit [Finlay] felt comfortable with whatever we would do. But I broke my tailbone, so I went home. At this point, I broke my tailbone, I think I was going on the road here and there, like Toronto and doing appearances and stuff, and still trying to get sober but just not being able to figure it out because I was so broken-hearted by this shit. I remember one outcry I had was in Toronto, and I was supposed to work a program, but then I got taken off. It was a lot,” Fox said.

She continued –

“After I went to rehab, I think the pandemic happened a couple weeks after it. It was super strange because at the time, I was really grateful that I wasn’t in the facility during this pandemic. I would have been freaking out. I am an alcoholic, and y’all have me at home. I’ve been there in that machine 17 years. I want an explanation. I want to know about this date coming up. This is while I’m sober. This still haunting day, and no answers. One day, a fan tweeted me a picture of that legends shirt, and it had my little head on there. I was like, ‘Why is my head on that shirt? You’re gonna legend me up? It’s not even fair.’ I got a couple phone calls like, ‘Are you retired?’ I’m like, I got my first merch. Sure, okay, whatever. We’ll go to the firing date. This whole time, I’m nervous I’m gonna get fired,” she said.

Fox will be appearing for Booker T’s ROW promotion later this month.

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