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Aliyah sets new WWE record; Naomi vs. Charlotte Flair rematch set for next week


On this week’s episode of SmackDown, Aliyah set a new record for WWE in her debut singles match. She now holds the title of the fastest victory in WWE history in just 3.17 seconds as she pinned Natalya. The previous fastest time was 3.8 seconds.

Prior to their match, both women met backstage.

Aliyah was being interviewed about her nerves and she concluded she just wants to go out and deliver. Natalya interrupted with the 2022 Guinness Book of World Records in her hand to outline the three records that she currently holds. She claimed that she will break a fourth record by defeating Aliyah in the fastest time.

Prior to the bell ringing, Natalya attacked Aliyah to the point that the referee told the brand new ring announcer, Samantha Irvin, that she could no longer compete. Aliyah made it back to her feet and told the referee that she could and to let the match start. The referee reversed his decision and once the bell rang, Aliyah immediately rolled up Natalya up for the win in 3.17 seconds.

A rematch Championship Contenders match is set for next week’s SmackDown as Naomi is geared up to face the SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair. If Naomi wins, she will get a future title opportunity. The two battled last week but thanks to WWE Official Sonya Deville changing the rules of the match on more than one occasion, Naomi was dealt a loss.

Naomi confronted Deville in her office, which has been the case for many months now, demanding to know what Deville’s issue is with her. Understandably upset that a title opportunity was ripped from her fingers, Naomi wanted to get physical. Deville reminded her that when she wears her coat that she can’t be touched as she is a WWE official.

Throughout the show, Deville’s office didn’t have quite the right temperature. It was fluctuating between too cold and then too hot. Deville ended up taking off her coat which prompted Naomi to reappear and take advantage of the situation. Before Naomi could lay a hand on Deville, Adam Pearce stopped the advance and agreed to give Naomi a rematch against Charlotte next week.

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