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All Eyes on Me: Candice’s Theme Song Couldn’t Be More True


For Candice fans and I guess, Diva fans in general, that gaudy, horrible techno mix of Candice‘s theme music is definitely embedded in your brains (unfortunately). One of the lines is “All eyes on me.” Well, with the former Women’s Champion’s pending return to the WWE – all eyes are literally on her and not in a good way.

Our partners at the Wrestling Globe Newsletter have the scoop (PS you can subscribe by sending a blank e-mail to [email protected]):

Candice Michelle said that she expects to return to the ring next month. There is a ton of heat on her right now similar to which just caused Vince to fire Kennedy; the perception that she is always injured and a lousy worker. One source told us: “She doesn’t exactly help her cause when she’s running around in LA hanging out at bars and going to Dodger games… What happened to rehab and getting back in shape? There are guys on our roster with far worse injuries sucking it up and still coming to work.” On the flipside, one of her biggest supporters in WWE is said to be Stephanie McMahon.

If WWE can cut one of their top Superstars in Kennedy, I fully expect that they are willing to drop Candice. Her comeback is make or break, if she looks bad in the ring, if she messes up – she’s gone. WWE management will likely scrutinise her every move and rightfully so. She’s an average worker and she’s injury prone. In these tough economic times, WWE cannot afford to waste a paycheck on someone who can’t do their job.

Cut-throat, I know, but she’s had plenty of opportunities and my key gripe (regardless of how much I dislike her) is the fact that she can’t stay healthy. Next time, WWE should just cut her.

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