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Allie written off Impact in controversial death scene

Last night, the latest AEW signee, Allie, ended her time with Impact in dramatic fashion. In her final appearance, her character was killed off when Su Yung stabbed her in the neck.

The “Against All Odds” special was the culmination of the Demon storyline. Rosemary brought Allie to “The Undead Realm” to save her soul. In the end, she sacrificed herself to save Rosemary, suffering a bloody death at the hands of Su Yung. The act of love reunited her with soul, making her whole again.

As previously reported, All Elite Wrestling confirmed Allie signed with the promotion in a recent episode of “Road to Double or Nothing.” This was the last of her tapings with Impact after they decided not to renew her contract. However, this goes to show there was no animosity here.

Allie even went to Twitter to express her satisfaction with how her time with the company ended.

There is some mixed reaction among fans, but this indicates how much Impact valued her contributions to the promotion. Wrestlers don’t always get a proper send-off, so it’s telling that they took the time to write her off and wrap up her story with Rosemary.

What did you think of “Against All Odds”? Are you excited to see what Allie will does next AEW? Drop a comment below.

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