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Allison Danger Issues Statement on Cindy Rogers’ Retirement

Allison Danger has issued a statement on Cindy Rogers’ retirement.

Danger will face Rogers in her retirement match at WSU’s Uncensored Rumble iPPV on June 25th. The match was requested by Rogers.

When I was first approached about being Cindy Roger’s final wrestling
match ever I was flattered. Honored even. But then I thought to
myself, “Who else would they ask?”. Let’s face it-there would be no
Cindy Rogers without Allison Danger. Join me for a quick walk down
memory lane (don’t worry, nerds, it is not a REAL walk. Lord knows
wrestling fans hate any form of real exercise):

Cindy broke in approximately two years after my 2000 debut. We lived
within two hours of each so we ran into each frequently on the circuit
while trying to build our names. We had a similar look, wrestling
style and work ethic. We road up and down I-95 more times than I can
count, wrestled numerous matches and roomed together often. At one
point, the Northeast scene couldn’t breathe one of our names without
the other’s following in the subsequent exhale. But then our dynamic
changed. I began to break out and move on to bigger things while Cindy
kept plugging away at her good old 9 to 5 job and occasionally taking
bookings. Suddenly, I was the star and she was choking on my

Fast forward to Chicago, 2007. In a small Eagles Club, Cindy chose to
dissolve our friendship and left me for the wolves.Thus began one of
the most brutal feuds of my career. Tears were shed, blood was spilled
but who was left standing tall when the dust settled? That is
right-me. Allison Danger. Gold star for you, reader.

Cindy Rogers dragged herself out of that venue with her tail between
her legs and was nary a blip on my radar for the last four years. Yet
now with her retirement looming on the horizon, she comes crawling
back and begging for me to work my magic one final time-to make her a
star for one more night.

Admit it, Cindy, you NEED me. Without Allison Danger, Cindy Rogers
would just be another Elvis fan with too many cats who plays wrestler
on the weekend. I did then what I do best, I take a lemon and turn it
into the best lemonade you ever had on your tongue. I did it once and
I will do it again. And after you taste of humble pie again (heard it
tastes just like deep fried pb/banana/bacon sandwiches!) I can free
your from your wrestling chains so you can be just like your idol:
fat, bloated and dying on the grave of your career. I was there when you started and I am the only person woman enough to end you.

Allison Danger

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