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Amale Demonstrates Her Hope For Davenport; Sarray vs Satomura?

Welcome back to another edition of NXT UK! I say this a lot but this brand is definitely one to watch, especially for its stacked women’s division and tonight did not fail to deliver.

Our first sighting for the women is visiting NXT 2.0 star: Fallon Henley. She is asked about her current stay in the UK but is distracted by the eccentric Isla Dawn who slithers up in the background, mumbling to something only she can see. Henley is unfazed and warns Dawn that the mind games will not work on her.
On to our featured match of the night which was set up last week: Amale vs Stevie Turner with the added bonus of Blair Davenport on commentary.

The match is an example of the work that the women of the UK Division put in. Turner gets in a surprising amount of offence that reminds us just how good she can be when given a chance while Amale is on the receiving end for much of the match. While on commentary, Davenport discusses her prior losses when pursuing the NXT UK Women’s title, reminding us how the last match ended (not that I could forget!)

Credit: WWE

Davenport takes this time to reiterate her promises to climb back to the top while acknowledging our French Hope’s in-ring performance as ‘adequate’ but adequate seems to be enough. After a running Face Wash in the corner, Amale hits the Hope-Breaker and secures her win before having a stare down with Davenport, who is standing and applauding her rival.

After the show in a Digital Exclusive, Amale is asked about Davenport’s remarks and she feels disrespected, advising Davenport to come find her if she wants to fight.

Finally, in a flash back to last week, we see Satomura and Sarray moments after their main event victory over Xia Brookside and Eliza Alexander. Emilia McKenzie is readily available to congratulate the pair when Sarray speaks up, saying she wants her next match to be against Satomura. It is unclear if Sarray wants a title shot or even if Satomura has accepted but the writing seems to be on the wall.

McKenzie lingers back and is lucky enough to be an impromptu guest on the Nina Samuels Show. Samuels, who does not know enough Japanese to ascertain what just went down, asks McKenzie for an inside scoop but is promptly disregarded.

Authors Take –

While Nina Samuels will always have my heart, Amale has really proven herself as a top tier talent in the WWE. Facing her off with Davenport is an excellent idea, the two top heel and face of the division, while the champion is busy. I am very much looking forward to seeing these two clash in the ring.

Davenport took full advantage of her mic time tonight, putting herself over while (kayfabe) burying Amale ahead of their inevitable battle. While Stevie was never going to win, she dominated much of the match and like Davenport utilised her time effectively, reminding us what the 4D Superstar is capable of.

Sarray challenging Satomura was predictably coming and I feel it could serve as part of McKenzie’s eventual turn. There is no word on the match will be and if the title will be on the line but the list of superstars wanting to take on the Final Boss is growing every day.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Are you excited for the future Sarray vs Satomura showdown?

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