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Angle/Rhaka Khan Assault Case Dropped, Rhaka Wants to Re-File Charges

Back on August 15th, shocking claims that accused Kurt Angle of assaulting and harassing then-girlfriend and TNA Knockout Rhaka Khan (aka Trenesha Biggers) caused quite the media stir. However, following yesterday’s preliminary hearing on the case, all charges have been dismissed. PWTorch has the details:

According to a report by ABC Ch. 4 in Pittsburgh, the assault and harassment charges against Kurt Angle were dropped today by judge Mary Murray due to Angle’s ex-girlfriend continuing to stay at his house for nine days after an alleged incident took place on August 6.

Both parties acknowledged an incident took place by signing a document, according to Trenesha Biggers’s attorney, but the judge dropped charges against Angle due to Biggers staying with Angle.

Biggers claimed she waited nine days to file charges with the police because she feared for her job with TNA. According to what Biggers told Ch. 4, “it took her so long to file charges because she knew that if she did, she would lose her wrestling career.” (Source: PWTorch)

Despite all of this, Trenesha claims that she doesn’t plan to give up on the case:

“We are going to push to re-file this again with the DA, which we are going to do,” she said. “We will be able to submit the confessions and voicemails and all the other evidence that we have.” (Source:

While it’s tough to judge the case without knowing all of the details, the reasoning for the dismissal seems kind of strange to me–if Trenesha felt as pressured as she claimed she was, one would think that that would justify her hesitation in filing the charges. However, I’m not about to get into choosing a side, so I’ll leave that up to the experts. I think it’s safe to say that, even though this particular case was dismissed, this issue isn’t quite over.

If you want to see Trenesha speak on the case, click to watch her video interview with a local Pittsburgh news station.

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