Sunday, December 3, 2023

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Another Chance to Catch GLOW Documentary on Logo TV

Good news!

If you missed the TV premiere of Brett Whitcomb’s excellent documentary on GLOW: The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling earlier this year, Logo TV is giving you another chance to catch it!

Per original GLOW star Little Egypt, GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling will air once again on Logo on July 12. Check your local listings for the exact time.

The documentary first began circulating the film festival scene last year and has earned rave reviews, including one from us, and it is now also available on DVD and video on demand.

The film tells the story of the women who entertained millions of viewers during GLOW’s heyday, including former WWE star Ivory, as well as documenting the darker side of their fame and personal struggles since GLOW ended.

As a primer before checking out the documentary, be sure to listen to our in-depth interview with Little Egypt about the behind-the-scenes process of making the documentary.

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