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Live Coverage: Bellatrix 6


Bellatrix Female Warriors return to Epic Studios in Norwich, England tonight for Bellatrix 6.

The event features a stacked card of top European talent, with two championships being defended on the show. Rhia O’Reilly will put her Bellatrix British Championship on the line against Erin Angel, while Liberty defends her RQW European Championship against “Portugal’s Perfect Athlete” Shanna.

The show will be streamed live on Internet Pay-Per-View at and costs £10 (about $15).

Keep refreshing for live results!

* Skarlett def. X-Cute Sweet by submission with the Skarlett’s Web. Solid match with plenty of chain wrestling. The finish came after X-Cute Stinkfaced Skarlett, riling her and sending her on the attack, with an axe kick into her patented submission finisher.

* Nikki Storm def. Mina with a schoolgirl after feigning a knee injury. Excellent performances by both women, with the Norwegian Mina particularly impressive, almost picking up the win earlier on with a Death Valley Driver but Storm kicking out after an extremely slow count from the referee.

* Destiny def. Aurora Flame. I didn’t see the majority of the match due to streaming issues, but Destiny looked in control for most of what I saw. She had a hell of a lot of cheap heat from the crowd too – lots of “KFC” chants and a guy in the crowd brandishing a pack of pies. Apparently that’s funny…

* Queen Maya defeated Kay Lee Ray with the Royal Forearm of Steel. A fun, fast-paced and close-fought match. Finish came after KLR missed a Senton Bomb. Surprise result, especially as all winners so far have been heels.

* Erin Angel defeats Rhia O’Reilly to become the new Bellatrix British Champion! Match took place under British rules, with the winner the first to get two falls over ten three-minute rounds – World of Sport-style. First fall goes to Angel in the second round after a missile dropkick into a roll-up. Rhia pulls one back in the third with a Tiger Suplex, but Erin lands a moonsault for the three-count in the fifth round to seal the victory and become the new champion. Very good match.

* Viper and Bete Noire defeat Violet O’Hara and Chanel with the X-Factor. Viper had a very good performance, using her size and strength well to dominate her opponents but the match as a whole was pedestrian.

* Penelope def. Alpha Female following interference from Destiny. An excellent match, with Penelope starting off the overwhelming underdog but gradually growing in confidence, even putting Alpha in a Mexican surfboard at one point! The finish happened when Penelope accidentally took out the referee, allowing Alpha to capitalise with a front powerslam. However, as she goes to wake up the ref, Destiny enters, takes out Alpha and drags Penelope’s carcass onto her. Cue the slowest count ever, and Penelope wins, even though Alpha’s shoulders aren’t down. Whatever. Let’s not let that take away from what was a really good match.

Post-match, Destiny and Alpha exchange words in the ring. Destiny says that she’s “the only Alpha around here” and Alpha challenges her to a match, but Destiny walks away.

* Saraya Knight defeated Carmel Jacob with a sitout powerbomb. A solid, hard-hitting match. Very disconcerting seeing Saraya as a face, while Carmel continues to show how she’s one of the best heels on the British scene.

During the match, it was announced that Courtney Rush will be appearing at the next Bellatrix show in October, which features a number of SHIMMER wrestlers.

* Liberty defeats Shanna to retain the RQW European Championship. Shanna gets the first fall with a roll-up at the start of the third round, despite both wrestlers having limbs on the ropes – Shanna for leverage, Liberty to break – but the referee is oblivious. Liberty levels the score in the fourth round, tapping Shanna out with a Muta Lock. The final fall comes in the fifth round, when Liberty hit a Tornado DDT on Shanna. The referee counts, and everyone else in the universe thinks it’s just a near-fall. Not referee Jimmy Ocean though! Liberty’s hand is raised, and the show ends with nobody really sure what just happened. A solid match to end a great show, but with terrible, terrible refereeing throughout.

What did you think of the show?

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