Saturday, March 2, 2024

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Apologies From Diva Dirt

Diva Dirt would officially like to extend an apology to the member of SmackDown!’s Creative Team who is really responsible for the recent rise in women’s action on Friday Night SmackDown! Over the past few weeks, I have praised the SmackDown! writers – specifically head writer, Michael Hayes – for the strong and compelling viewing that has been the SmackDown! women’s division since WrestleMania 24. As has been revealed this week, Hayes was suspended during WrestleMania weekend for use of a racial slur.

So to whomever is the true writer of what’s been a great few weeks on SmackDown!, we apologise and would love to send you a gift basket! But we’re poor and you work for WWE, so buy yourself one… on us! And here’s to hoping Hayes doesn’t come back, as I believe he was responsible for the glorified 5-week bikini contest that was the SmackDown! Diva contest. Using racist language is absolutely unacceptable in the multicultural world we live in today, no matter the context. Hayes should be canned, if not for his poor behaviour – but for the sake of the growing SmackDown! women’s division! Keep up the great work, anonymous writer man! We salute you!

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