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Ariane Andrew reveals she reached out to Vince McMahon for a WWE return

Ariane Andrew, formerly known as Cameron in WWE, revealed in an interview with Wrestling Inc. Daily that she has reached out to WWE about a return.

The former Funkadactyl, who is most known for her time with the company alongside Naomi, told Nick Hausman of Wrestling Inc. that she has reached out to Vince McMahon himself about a return.

Ariane Andrew

“I am very torn if I want to say this, but I actually reached out recently and was like, ‘I would love to come back,’ and, will I be back? that’s to be determined, but I actually reached out to Vince [McMahon] himself and, you know what, I’m going to go to the person who’s at the top,” Andrew revealed. “I miss being in that world of wrestling. I saw Naomi three months ago, and I was like, you know what, if I have nothing, if I never got the championship, I feel like having the tag team titles would be awesome.”

This isn’t the first time Andrew has mentioned coming back to WWE or wanting to go for the Women’s Tag Team Championships. She was last seen in WWE in 2016, but she did return to the ring in 2020. In AEW, during its Deadly Draw Tag Team Tournament, she teamed with Nyla Rose in a losing effort against TayJay.

She continued, “I feel I would feel fulfilled. I feel I would get that feeling of feeling accomplished because The Funkadactyls were awesome, but I still feel there’s this void that I’m missing, and I feel like if I was able to go back and, not only that, we’d be making history. We would be the first black women ever — I hate to throw that term around when it comes to race, but we’d be the first black women ever to have the belts.”

On whether or not she received an answer from McMahon she said the following:

“He actually responded, which is crazy,” Andrew said. “I know he’s a busy person. He was like, ‘I’ll pass this along to John Laurinaitis,’ who’s head of talent relations.”

What would you think of a returning Cameron to WWE? Leave your thoughts below.

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