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Ashley Clears Up Twitter Rumours & Important Lesson From Diva Dirt


Over the course of last week, people started posting on message boards, littering our comments and e-mailing us about news that infamous ex-Diva, Ashley Massaro was returning to the WWE – all on the basis of a Twitter page. The ‘Dirty Diva’ cleared up rumours of a return on her MySpace page yesterday:

It;s so funny how easily people fall for poser accts that claim to be me when they are not. It has =been reported on a certain Twitter acct that I’ve have claimed to be making a return to WWE by Summerslam. Now, as much as I’d love to say that it is true, it’s not. Because it ain’t me folks. Like i’ve said I have no other accts likre that!

Now the reason I write this post is not because Diva Dirt ♥ Ashley, the real reason I write this is to hopefully instill some sense in those of you who took part in the Ashley rumour madness. It’s very, very easy to tell if someone’s Twitter is fake. Or for that matter, if their Facebook page or MySpacce is fake. However time and time again, people fall into the trap and someone, somewhere is gullible enough to believe it and it spreads like wildfire, like this instance.

Look at the entire page, most of the time it’ll look utterly ridiculous and overstated with collages of pictures, dumb comments like that Twitter page (which has since been deleted). The user only seemed to harp on about Ashley being in the WWE, “What was your favourite WWE moment of mine?” I doubt even Ashley is that narcissitic. If it sounds fake, if it looks fake, it’s fake. Please engage your brains in future!

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