Sunday, June 23, 2024

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Ashley Gets Political… Seriously!

Escort yesterday, world peace leader today. Escort Ashley sent out a feel good message on her MySpace in honour of Memorial Day in the States tomorrow. The Dirty Diva wants y’all to wake up, put on your make up and say a little prayer… for the troops?! Forever and ever they’ll stay in her (and let’s not forget her punks’) heart and she will always love them:

Aside from my silly birthday I’d like to take this time to talk about this insane war we have going on that feel like it will never end. I have had the utmost pleasure meeting and hanging with the Soldiers while out in Saudi, Iraq, and Kuwait. These guys are out there day in and day out busting their asses for our freedom. Now I can’t say I’m pro war, we won’t even get into that but Memorial day is a day we should all seriously take a moment for tho soldiers who have lost their lives and theirs a numerous amount now. I wish you guys could understand and have seen it through your own eyes. we owe them so much moe than they deserve. And this is a day that the ones that are home safe and sound thank god…show your respect. they are on the frontlines fighting for us and its so hard for them out there. Makes our sched look like cake.

So to all of yall that can hear me out there…WE..Ashley and my punks are with you all the way, can not thank you enough for what you’ve done. My bday seems insignifcant considering what these guys have put at stake to put themselves out there.


If you guys could all post s message to them here i’d reaelly appreciate it. We can’t wait till you guys come home, stay f’ing safe. We can’t wait for this thing to be over.

Ya know, I could almost see some endearment in her blog if it wasn’t so contrived. Hey Ashley, what about all the innocent men, women and children that have died in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries? Just because they live in those countries, they’re terrorists and they deserve to die?! The troops are the one on the offensive, the lives they have lost (which I’m not trying to detract from) are likely a fraction of the civillians lost in those countries. They aren’t terrorists, they aren’t Islamic extremists, they are just ordinary people like you and I. Many of these people live in poverty, struggle to survive – but hey, why not drop bombs on them as if their lives aren’t hard and shitty enough. Ashley, how about you take a moment to think about them? The troops have guns, heavy artillery – these civillians have nothing.

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