Saturday, March 2, 2024

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Ashley *Hearts* Anyone for the Right Price

Yeah, I know.. That was harsh. Can you blame me, though? I mean, everyone knows that a new photoshoot must mean time for a few laughs (and potshots, but that’s a given).

Honestly, it’s too easy to make fun of this – “escort” scandal or not. The fact that the Lita “thong” look was never not trashy (even Lita looked ridiculous with it) just adds to the mayhem of this photoshoot – I mean, “dirty rocker boys”?? We get it Ashley, you’re punk. I mean, you’re sporting the Bret Michaels look for Christ’s sake, and I’m including the crispy hair in that sentiment.

Overall, the look screams “white trash” to me – bandana, belly shirt, denim cutoffs, exposed underwear.. I guess it irks me because wrestling is perceived as so “trashy” in itself – they don’t need any help in that department; they need a fucking push in the opposite direction. Next stop – evening gowns and businesswear! Hey, one can dream, right? (Click here to view the full photoshoot.)

So, what do you think – is this photoshoot any good?


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