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Ashleygate Reloaded: The Review

Following the “success” of Ashleygate earlier this year, Ashley Massaro is back in a summer blockbuster of epic proportions – Ashleygate Reloaded. She’s only gone and got herself fired! Yes, news broke last week that Ashley had requested her WWE release after dropping another bombshell, that she has a 7 year old daughter. Ashley will no doubt go down in history as one of the most controversial Divas in history, if not the most controversial. Yesterday, WWE officially granted the self-proclaimed Dirty Diva her release putting an end to her three year WWE stint. Today, we look back at Ashley and all the hijinks she has provided in her three year career.

As I wrote above, Ashley has to be a top candidate for “most controversial Diva”, there has been no Diva in history if you ask me, that has divided fans more so than Ashley. Her fans have fought tooth and nail in her defence over the past three years, I think it’s fair to say that some of her fanbase borders psychotically obsessed… well I guess you’d have to be if you are deluded enough to believe Ashley can wrestle. Meanwhile, Ashley’s fans were outnumbered nearly 10-to-1 when it came to critics; Ashley has provided countless memories that will have us scoffing for years to come.

Despite the fans’ obvious dislike for Ashley, WWE managed to push her to the moon and back with two WrestleMania matches in as many years, a cover of Playboy and countless media opportunities such as appearing on Survivor, in a Timbaland music video and Extreme Makeover. She was even rumoured to be in line for a Women’s Championship shot at one point.

Perhaps Ashley will be best remembered for her unique style of “wrestling.” Ashley botched at least a handful of moves in every match she wrestled in while miraculously managing to injure herself countless times during her career, despite the fact she wrestled once in a blue moon.

Ashley’s stunts and antics outside the ring will also be remembered. Perhaps giving her phone number out live on Raw during the 2005 Diva Search was a precursor to the antics we’d later see from the Diva? Aside from all the injuries, Ashley was implicated in an escort service scandal earlier this year as well as dropping the bombshell that she has a daughter.

It truly is the end of an era. While the circumstances regarding her release are unfortunate – I truly, from the bottom of my heart, wish her daughter well – this blogger cannot help but feel some vindication that Ashley is finally gone. This post is bound to draw some ire as with past blogs on Ashley here at Diva Dirt, these posts tend to bring out the “Ashley crazies.” But truth is, I couldn’t care less… I feel like I’ve graduated from high school and no longer need to hold back all the things I’ve wanted to say to the teachers I hated! Good riddance and may Ashley never darken a WWE ring again.

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