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Asuka is your Ms. Money in the Bank

The most unique and distinctive Money in the Bank Ladder Match has concluded and Asuka is your Ms. Money in the Bank. The women joined the men as they both climbed WWE Headquarters from the ground floor to the roof to grab the briefcase. The risk was worth the reward as the event advertised as they climbed the corporate ladder. The more cinematic approach created a creative idea to highlight one of the most coveted matches of the year.

The match started with the women and the men in two different places. The women started in the lobby of the ground floor, the men in the weight room. Both genders had their entrances into their respective areas. The last woman’s entrance music to hit was Asuka, but she was nowhere to be found. She was perched up above and when the bell rang she did a giant crossbody to the other five women below – taking them all out.

Asuka was the smartest woman of the match as she knew to come into the least amount of contact with her fellow competitors. From her initial leap of faith, she ran into the nearest elevator and quickly closed the door to avoid anyone else getting in. You know like you do in your office building when Nosey Janet wants to get in the elevator with you as you quickly press the close door button. Very much that.

This prompted the other girls to take the stairs in an attempt to cut her off when she reached her desired floor (the elevator must not go to the roof). Once Lacey Evans, Shayna Baszler, and Carmella made it up to the floor that Asuka’s elevator was going to, the men came out of the other elevator in a brawl. This caused the women to start brawling which gave Asuka an advantage as she snuck her way out and down the hall. Baszler was the only woman to see her get away so she went after her.

The next big moment for the women took place in a hallway that led into a conference room. Carmella slapped Jax which was the wrong thing to do and the two entered the room. Brooke and Baszler would follow suit as all four women would go at it. Brooke seemed to be confused as to where the briefcase and the end of this match truly was. She must not have done her homework as Evans did. Once inside the conference room she Brooke smashed a chair across the back of Jax.

Once her competitors were all laid out on the floor, there was a clear briefcase full of money hanging above the conference table. Brooke climbed on the table and unhooked the briefcase seemingly thinking she had won. Stephanie McMahon had a cameo as she popped up on screen asking Dana what she was doing? She reminded her that she has to make it to the roof to retrieve the briefcase and win the match. McMahon also asked for the mess to be cleaned up as Jax was laying on the floor and drooling all over the place.

Brooke was then smashed over the head by a picture of Carmella winning the MITB match by Carmella herself. Mella would then leave the room only to run right into a Woman’s Right from Evans who then took down the hall.

A food fight at one time ensued which showed the men and the women together. Paul Heyman was sitting enjoying a spread of food. It didn’t take long for the food to start flying. The shock of it all as Heyman received a healthy portion of food thrown on him was priceless comedy on the faces of the competitors. This was the most interaction between the genders as Baszler locked in the Kirifuda Clutch on Rey Mysterio. Jax and Otis would then sandwich him knocking him out. Carmella was taken out through the table by Jax.

The women were next seen running through a kitchen area. Asuka was seen first trying to ask a custodian where the roof was. The rest of the women followed. Lastly was Brooke and she slipped on the wet floor that the custodian was cleaning. The three women who made it to the roof were Asuka, Evans, and Jax.

These three battled it out in the ring with all three trying to make it up a ladder to get the briefcase. Jax took out Asuka and then Evans who rolled outside the ring as she set up the ladder. She seemed to have plenty of time and the match could have been over right there. Asuka wouldn’t allow that to happen as she returned to the ring and dragged Jax down by her legs.

Evans would then knock out Jax and make her way up herself only to be pulled down by Asuka. The ladder was knocked over onto the head of a rising Jax which was the right move on Asuka’s part. In the end, Asuka would be able to climb the ring as both Evans and Jax were out of the equation and the other three women surprisingly never made it to the roof.

Baron Corbin was the first man to make it to the roof and climb up the opposite end of the ladder that Asuka was on. For some odd reason he was trying to stop Asuka, but that wasn’t enough as the Empress of Tomorrow unhooked the briefcase and became the new Ms. Money in the Bank.

What did you think of this match? How did you like the style and how it was filmed? Are you happy with Asuka winning? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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