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Asuka Retains Via DQ; Shotzi Shaves Her Head


Asuka defended her WWE Women’s Championship in the main event against Bianca Belair on this week’s SmackDown.

To kick off the show, Belair took to the ring for a promo. After getting the crowd hyped up, Charlotte Flair made her way out to the ring. The two exchanged words with Flair telling Belair that she is manifesting a Belair win tonight. Why? Because Flair wants first shot at Belair when she becomes champion. Belair, leary of agreeing to this, stated that if she wins the title in the main event then she will accept Flair’s challenge at SummerSlam.

As the match starts in the main event, we see IYO SKY with her Money in the Bank briefcase as well as Bayley who purchased a ticket to be in the front row. Moments later, Flair made her entrance on the other side of the crowd with a ticket in hand.

Final momenta of the match had Asuka catch Belair with a knee strike before going for a Fujiwara Arm Bar. Belair reversed it and planted a spinebuster on Asuka for a near fall. Asuka tried to go for a submission again, but Belair broke the hold. Asuka caught Belair with a Code Breaker. The action spilled to the outside where Belair would land a KOD to the champion onto the announce table.

This outside action caused both SKY and Bayley to hop the barricade. Flair did as well and landed a big boot to Bayley. SKY slammed Flair into the ring post before turning her attention to Belair. SKY locked eyes on Belair, but she got out of the way before Flair speared Belair, causing the disqualification.

After the bell rang, SKY realizes that everyone is down including the current champion Asuka. She intends to cash in as Bayley holds the briefcase for her. SKY gets Ausuka back in the ring and sets her up for a moonsault. As SKY climbs up top, Bayley tries to tell the referee that SKY is cashing in. However, Asuka gets up and mists the eyes of Bayley which allows her to escape with her title and no cash in taking place.

Earlier in the night, Bayley took on Zelina Vega with SKY by her side.

The final moments of this match had Vega get hung up in the ropes by Bayley who was on the outside. Back in the ring, Bayley capitalized and hit the Rose Plant for the win. Bayley came to the ring for this match with the piece of Shotzi’s hair that she cut a couple weeks back.

Post match, a vignette of Shotzi appeared on the screen. Shotzi pulled out the hair razor and stated she is in control and not Bayley. She admits to being a little strange but that’s why she has the control. She continues to shave her head and says some people fear change but she invites it.

Michin and Scarlett was also on the show as Karrion Kross and Scarlett attacked The OC backstage during AJ Styles match.

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