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Asuka Returns On SmackDown; Morgan & Rodriguez Retain


Asuka is back and is on her new home of SmackDown.

Asuka hasn’t been seen since her loss against Bianca Belair for the Raw Women’s Title at WrestleMania six weeks ago. Now she is back and still not over her loss.

Bianca Belair went to the ring for a celebration in her hometown. But before Belair could even grab a mic, the Empress was on her way to the ring. Asuka extended her hand to congratulate Belair for becoming the longest reigning woman’s champion in the modern era. Reluctant at first, Belair shook Asuka’s hand but was greeted eith the blue mist right to her face.

Belair sold the mist perfectly as officials came down to the ring to help her and keep Asuka away.

Elsewhere on SmackDown this week, the tag titles were on the line as the champs Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez defended them. Their opponents were Bayley and Dakota Kai of Damage CTRL. IYO SKY was at ringside.

The match was solid between the two teams. The final moments had Bayley instructing SKY to grab a title belt for her to use while Kai was laid out on the outside. Rodriguez caught it and played tug of war with the belt as SKY was on the ring apron. Bayley inadvertently knocked SKY off the ring apron as Rodriguez gave a boot to Kai by the timekeepers area.

Back inside Morgan took advantage as she stacked up Bayley to get the three count and retain the titles.

Throughout this match, the newest SmackDown Superstars and the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre looked on backstage.

On NXT Level Up, Kelani Jordan made her TV debut as she faced Wendy Choo in a losing effort. But an impressive debut nonetheless.

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