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Asuka vs. Flair Ends With DQ; Damage CTRL Cuts Shotzi’s Hair


Charlotte Flair entered this week’s SmackDown in the United Kingdom attempting to become a 15-time champion. She faced a familiar foe in Asuka for the WWE Women’s Championship.

One woman who wasn’t in the match but has been upset that she hasn’t received her rematch is Bianca Belair. Adam Pearce had previously told her that she could not be at ringside for this match, so she played the game and purchased a ticket to be front row.

The final moments of the match had both Flair and Asuka on the outside. Asuka was at the barricade in front of Belair. Flair went for a big boot and Asuka pulled Belair in the way which is who Flair hit instead. Moments later once Belair composed herself, she hopped the barricade and went right after Asuka causing the disqualification. Belair continued her attack on Flair who warned her about putting her hand in her face.

Belair would stand tall in the end after hitting a KOD on both Asuka and Flair on top of the commentary table.

The other women’s match of the night was Bayley vs. Shotzi. A match that was cut last week happened tonight and it had Bayley’s spot in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match on the line. If Shotzi would have won then she would have replaced Bayley.

Bayley would win the match and remain in MITB. The final moments had IYO SKY help her Damage CTRL partner by placing her foot on the rope as Shotzi was near a count of three. This distracted Shotzi and then the referee who tried to get SKY to back off. While the official wasn’t looking, Bayley raked the eyes of Shotzi and hit her with Rose Plant to get the three count.

After the match and moments later backstage, Shotzi came running up to Damage CTRL saying she isn’t finished with them yet. The numbers game was too much for Shotzi who was taken down on top of a table. Bayley grabbed a pair of scissors as SKY held down Shotzi and cut a chunk of her hair. Bayley left with the hair in hand.

In a promo backstage, AJ Styles accepted a challenge from Karrion Kross and stated that if his woman (Scarlett) was to get involved then he has someone who can stop that as Michin appeared.

Money in the Bank takes place tomorrow at 3PM ET due to the event taking place in the UK. Diva Dirt will have a Discussion Post to talk about the show live, come join.