Monday, March 4, 2024

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Audio Bulletin: Correction [and Speculation] on Jemma Palmer Signing

In the audio below, Diva Dirt has a correction on our story reported last week that Jemma Palmer has been signed by WWE,as well as some speculation about what’s really happening [and it’s pretty juicy!].

In the bulletin, you will hear me say that contrary to what we reported last week, in the time since then and now we have learned that news of Jemma’s signing could be incorrect. I have apologised in the bulletin, but once again to reiterate; our apologies to Jemma and our readers if we have deceived you.

The reason I put this in audio is to best explain the situation, which was a genuine mistake on the part of ourselves and our source.

As reiterated in the bulletin, the thoughts/comments are my own and are not confirmed facts, just my take on the situation.

Runtime: 11:12

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