Thursday, February 29, 2024

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Awesome Kong Invitational Continues

TNA’s Kurt Angle Awesome Kong Invitational is set to become a regular segment on TNA iMPACT! Yes folks, that’s right – TNA has run out of storylines for Kong already. Reeking of Kurt Angle’s own challenge skit in WWE, Kong challenges fans to face her in the ring – and obviously destroys them.

Tell me, how does this advance her character? How does this create competition for her Knockout Championship? You gotta hand it to TNA, they managed to turn the Kong character stale in record time. Just 5 months ago, she and Gail Kim were stealing the show; she won the Knockout title in the main event of iMPACT! and now? What could have been a major leap for the Knockout, wrestling men was quashed in a matter of minutes at Sacrifice when she was made to look weak and stupid. If anything, they should have used that a s a “character flaw” and really pushed Gail or ODB to finally beat her and win the title.

I certainly hope, if they continue with this storyline, they have her drop the title and let the other Knockouts put on decent matches and feud for the gold. For the first time since the TNA women’s division launched I think we’re seeing a turning of the tides – WWE’s women’s division is better.

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