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Baby, I Swear It’s Deja Vu

Title in honour of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s wedding!

WWE continues it’s hard sell of Michelle McCool as they try to put her over as the top Diva on SmackDown!, but all this pushing is giving us a severe sense of deja vu (not to mention an allergic reaction). I hate to compare real-life friends and I’m sure Michelle is lovely and sweet, but this transformation into the next Torrie Wilson is not cool.

Case in point, has a new article citing Michelle as “SmackDown!’s top Diva”, apparently winning the glorified 5-week bikini contest comes with such a tag. Not to mention the constant mentions of being the “All-American Diva.” There was a time when Torrie was SmackDown!’s top Diva and was seen as the all American girl. It seems Michelle’s current run is pretty much a carbon copy of Torrie. Torrie feuds with Victoria, Michelle feuds with Victoria. Torrie gets attacked by a mystery blonde Diva, Michelle gets attacked by a mystery blonde Diva. Though it can be argued Michelle has had a run of her own with the Chuck Palumbo-Jamie Noble saga.

Had Torrie not been on the injured list, there’d be no doubt in my mind just which of these two girls would sitting on the throne. What does this suggest for Torrie’s return? After all this hard selling of Michelle, is there room for Torrie considering she was considered the top Diva during both her stays on SmackDown? Will she even return to SmackDown? Logically, it would hurt both Michelle and Torrie if they were on the same brand at this point – moving Torrie to RAW would seem wise (not to mention make me break out in songs of joy).

Time will tell if Michelle can fill Torrie’s boots. But Michelle is definitely in favour with WWE Creative right now, it’ll be interesting to see if they continue to rip pages out of the Torrie Wilson handbook in coming weeks and months. For a girl that was a blip on the radar one year ago, see what sleeping with a legend can get ya!

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