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Backstage news on the Becky Lynch and Charlotte feud

The most talked about feud right now in WWE is Becky Lynch‘s turn on her best friend Charlotte Flair over on SmackDown.

There’s been speculation as to whether Becky is a heel in this story, whether WWE realizes fans are still rallying behind her, or if this is another case of the company trying its might to steer the narrative that Charlotte is the face of the women’s division.

According to two reports by CagesideSeats, the company seems to be aware of Becky’s fan support.

“Lots of talk WWE has pivoted away from booking Becky Lynch as a heel, instead opting to let audiences decide how they want to react in her feud with Charlotte Flair,” reports Cageside. Bryan Alvarez discussed this on Wrestling Observer Live, saying her run-in and use of the word “bitch” on this week’s SmackDown were designed to get a pop.

John Pollock of POST Wrestling said he was told “the idea now is much less of a heel/babyface dynamic and instead it’s two ex-friends that both have valid points and neither is going to back down from the other”. WWE still doesn’t want Charlotte seen as a villain, but isn’t going to force Becky into that role, either.

This isn’t the first time WWE has tried to create a heel during a story line that would better suit a face. Fans rallied around Daniel Bryan, creating the famous Yes! Movement during the company’s failed attempt at turning him heel in 2014.

What do you think about this report? Are you enjoying this feud so far? Who are you rallying behind? Sound off in the comments below.

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