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Backstage Reaction to the NXT Rookie Divas

Following Tuesday’s NXT season three premiere, it’s said that many ‘key’ people backstage were high on the NXT Rookie Divas, reports the Wrestling Observer. They write:

People were noting Maxine in her dance playing with Chimel’s tie, joking she never got the memo about staying away from ties (from the Bryan firing). When it was over, everyone was saying Naomi was going to win. She was not the original company choice, but she won over the key people. They liked A.J. as a young replacement for Mickie James as the spunky, small babyface. Jamie really wants to be a wrestler but they’re not sure if that’s the right role for her. She still may wind up in a ring announcing role. Backstage the feeling was Kaitlyn is the most attractive and had the best body (I guess it’s like a nuclear arms race there). They want to get her over as a face using Vickie brow beating her. Maxine was compared to Alex Riley as someone who could be the best heel on the season. Regarding Aksana, the reaction was that the foreign blond with the accent is too similar to Maryse, and the feeling is Maryse is the better performer, and more importantly, hotter. There were comments backstage about how these women overall had so much better bodies than the women on the roster. Realistically the way the company is structured, they are probably going to carry about 12 women total, so there will probably cuts from the current active women’s roster by the spring.

I find it interesting that these ‘key’ people just now realise that ‘foreign blonde with an accent’ Aksana is similar to Maryse. I also find it curious that Kaitlyn, with six weeks of training, is hot-shotted onto NXT and then this report comes out. I’m now wondering if it was simply to get her ‘hot’ body on TV? She fits the ‘Diva mould’ more than Aloisia, after all.

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