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Baszler & Rousey Unify Tag Team Titles, Liv Morgan Returns

The WWE Women’s Tag Titles and the NXT Women Tag Team Titles have now been unified.

On the June 23 episode of SmackDown, Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler defeated Isla Dawn & Alba Fyre to unify the gold. Dawn and Fyre thought they had the match won as they went for the double team on Baszler with Rousey on the outside of the ring. However, Baszler was able to counter. Baszler locked in the Kirifuda Clutch on Fyre. With Rousey back in the ring, who applied to armbar to Dawn and the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions tapped out.

During the match, Raquel Rodriguez took a seat next to commentary to watch the bout. As she went to head to the back after the match, Rousey and Baszler stopped her.

They asked her where she was going and more importantly why was she even there. Rodriguez came back to grab a mic and as she is on the ring apron she stated she is there to challenge the unified champs to a match. A match for the titles that “we” never lost.

Baszler questioned who “we” is and it turns out to of course be Liv Morgan. Since suffering an injury in May, they had to relinquish the gold. Now that Morgan is healed and back her and Rodriguez want the unified tag titles.

The two teams stare at each other before the champs leave the ring to end the segment.

Check back in for more news and results from the women of SmackDown.

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