Friday, April 19, 2024

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Batista Reveals His Latest Diva Conquest & Next Victims


WWE’s resident man whore, Batista has already fessed up to boinking Melina and Kelly Kelly, but in a new radio interview he has revealed that a third lucky Diva has pet the Animal… Raw’s Rosa Mendes. Diva Dirt reader, Jason writes in:

The host brings up his book Batista Unleashed and says in it he dated Melina and says she’s so hot, how did he manage that? Batista says she’s a great girl, very sweet and they are still good friends. The host then asks what its like to work with such hot women and does it distract him from his job. Batista says hes a professional and separates the 2 apart, he says he’s been with a few of their divas but when it comes to work, he’s professional. He says he’s been with Melina, Kelly and he was with Rosa until a couple of months ago. The host jokes and says is he trying to complete the set of all the divas? Batista says they have the most beautiful women in the world.

Lucky Rosa! And it doesn’t end there, when prompted if there’s any Divas on the roster he’d like to be his next victims add to that list…

The host then asks if there’s any other divas he’d like to hook up with next. Batista says he has a thing for twins and that they have a couple of those.

Wow, what a catch…

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