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Bayley Addresses Rousey’s Prior Comments Of The Tag Team Division

There’s no doubt that many people have shared their criticism to WWE’s women tag team division. The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships were first won in 2019 and the first champions held the idea of tag titles close to their heart. One of those champions is. Bayley.

In a recent exclusive interview from Inside the Ropes, Bayley responded to prior comments made by Ronda Rousey how the division has a “lack of competition” and the field being “dismally shallow.” At the time, Rousey was champion alongside Shayna Baszler.

Bayley tells Inside the Ropes

“If she wants more, then Ronda should do more. I’m tired of her saying she wants more, come out here and do it. Let me see. Do I see Ronda Rousey out here doing interviews? No, I see Shayna Baszler. I don’t see Ronda Rousey. I’m here, I have a match at Money in the Bank. I’m gonna climb a freakin’ ladder, you know? Where is she?”

Rousey recently had what may be her final match with WWE (at least at this time) when she lost to Baszler at SummerSlam in an MMA Fight.

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