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Bayley Advocated To Have Something Different For The Women’s Division

After slightly over a year of being out of action, Bayley returned in a big way at SummerSlam at the end of July. She brought with her both Dakota Kai and IYO SKY. Kai was the biggest surprise as she was released by WWE back in April as part of the last set of regular releases that plagued the company for a full year.

While appearing on the After the Bell podcast, Bayley had talked about wanting the Women’s Tag Team Titles back and for them to be used in a very important role. She also spoke about wanting something different for the division in the form of new talent that hasn’t been given the opportunity on the main roster or to even have their WrestleMania moment.

“This is something I’ve wanted for a while, I would say a couple of years, and something I talked to Hunter [Triple H] about before. Just wanting something different for the division and using girls that I think were either underutilized or that didn’t get that opportunity or didn’t get that spotlight and a way to evolve myself. There have been many different variations of this faction or group that I wanted.

As I got injured and got to spend more time thinking about it, I knew that I wanted literally girls that haven’t had the opportunity from Raw or SmackDown or haven’t been given the opportunity to feel what WrestleMania is like because that’s the ultimate goal of everybody. I just felt like, if I looked for girls that haven’t had that yet, the hunger is going to be much stronger and be fresher for the fans and locker room and they’ll be excited to work with different people. Once I thought of it like that and looked at NXT, it was so easy.

I knew who I wanted and who could benefit from it, who I could benefit from and who would give to the locker room. As cool as it will be for the fans and for us, at the end of the day, it’s also cool to see the girls in the back, their reaction to the girls that are here. You want good people around and people you can learn from and work with and make more magic with.” (Fightful)

On having Dakota Kai and IYO SKY by her side, she had the following to say –

“Dakota, I’ve known her since before WWE and she’s someone I’ve always pushed for to get signed before all that. She’s been a consistently good friend and always checked in on me while I was injured and gave me her experiences and really helped me a lot. I felt like her last year, she was unbelievable. She changed her look, changed everything, and when she got released it was one of the few moments where I felt lost. It’s not just because she’s my friend, it’s because she’s unbelievably talented and loves this. I was really upset over that. IYO is one of the best wrestlers in the company and definitely a top women’s wrestler. No question, her experience and style in the ring, she’s been ready for a long time to be on Raw and SmackDown.”

The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship belts are returning on this Monday’s Raw and a tournament will take place. Could this be the perfect moment to have Kai and SKY make a huge splash on the main roster?

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