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Bea Priestley defeats Viper for WOS Women’s Title

As we speak, British wrestling promotion World of Sport is currently on a tour across the United Kingdom. Yesterday, WOS hosted its first live event of the tour at the O2 Guildhall in Southampton, England. One of the highlights of the night saw Viper capture the WOS Women’s Championship in a triple threat match against Kay Lee Ray and Bea Priestley.

Viper’s title win would prove to be short lived, however, as she would lose the title today to Bea Priestley at the Newport Centre in Newport, Wales. This reign makes Priestley the third person to ever hold the title.

When they are not wrestling against each other for World of Sport, Viper and Priestley wrestle on the same side as part of the Stardom stable, Queen’s Quest. Before anyone starts to speculate whether or not this title win could drive a wedge between the stablemates, we’re more curious about if it signals that Viper is jumping to greener pastures.

What makes Viper’s brief title reign so interesting is that it wasn’t that long ago where rumors emerged that not only was the Megaton Barbie on WWE’s radar, the Stamford promotion is currently preparing to sign her.

It is worth noting that Kay Lee Ray may have also signed with WWE recently considering that the current ICW World Women’s Champion appeared in the crowd during WWE’s NXT UK Takeover Blackpool event last week.

If Viper is truly on the verge of signing with WWE, then seeing her drop the WOS Women’s Title so soon could be a sign that she’s quietly being phased out of whatever promotions she currently wrestles for before making the big jump. We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out.

In any case, let us not overlook Bea Priestley’s major win. Congratulations are in order for the new WOS Women’s Champion. We can’t wait to see her defend the title for the first time. Hopefully, her reign lasts at least a little longer than Viper’s.

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