Saturday, September 23, 2023

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Becky Lynch becomes the longest reigning RAW Women’s Champion

Becky Lynch has had many milestones since she won the RAW Women’s Championship last year at WrestleMania 35. In fact, in that first-ever women’s main event at Mania, she also became Becky2Belts and won the SmackDown Women’s Championship. She was unable to keep the blue brand’s title for much longer than a month, but she has held the RAW title close to her.

She previously has surpassed Ronda Rousey’s longest single reign at 231-days. Next, she made another milestone that most don’t get to and that is holding a title for 365-days. Now she has reached 397-days and has surpassed Alexa Bliss which held the longest combined reigns at 396. Bliss had three reigns to reach this accomplishment whereas Lynch has only held the title this one time.

Lynch does not have a match scheduled for tomorrow’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view. She has, however, stated that she will confront the winner of the MITB Ladder Match the very next night on RAW. Many feel this could be a spoiler that one of the three women from the RAW brand is winning that match, but only time will tell.

The RAW Women’s Championship has been in existence since 2016 and in its four years it has had seven women hold it.

Diva Dirt congratulates Becky Lynch for holding the RAW Women’s Championship the longest.

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