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Could Mickie James possibly be involved with the SmackDown Hacker?

This is pure speculation, but what if Mickie James is either behind or involved with the SmackDown Hacker? A couple of months ago, glitches started appearing during the airing of SmackDown. They were very subtle at first with minor disruptions during matches and backstage segments. This built up to when we first saw an actual person wearing a black hoodie and whose identity is hidden with a distorted voice.

During the first glimpse of who the Hacker could truly be, he (or she, or them) wanted to get the truth out. They exposed the Sonya Deville and Dolph Ziggler was behind the failed Valentine’s date between Mandy Rose and Otis. It showed backstage surveillance footage of Deville sending Otis the text that caused him to be late to the date that Ziggler swooped in on. Since then, the four have been tangled and the storyline continues to flourish.

Since then the Hacker has still appeared but hasn’t singled anyone out in particular. Over the latest videos, we have seen it does show several Superstars who could possibly be the next person to have their truth told. The first one below shows tag teams being a focus. The Usos, Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross, The Miz & John Morrison, Bayley & Sasha Banks, and The New Day were all featured.

Next, we have the most recent video which shows a plethora of SmackDown Superstars, and most of the female roster. It highlights Tamina pinning Sasha Banks to earn her shot at Bayley’s SmackDown Women’s Title. It then shows Big E picking up the pin to win the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. Lastly, Carmella and Dana Brooke are seen backstage talking about their Women’s Tag Team Title match that happened the following week.

Now, what does all of this have to do with Mickie James? Well in this latest video there is a distorted voicemail which sounds like a woman’s voice. It says, “I’ll tell you one thing, payback is coming and it is coming real soon.” This then goes to the “The Truth Will Be Heard” screen which we have been seeing a lot of since Deville and Ziggler were exposed.

James has been out due to an injury for over a year now. Since then she has been a color commentator on Main Event, however, she has not stepped foot back into a ring. Many fans are stating that the woman’s voice on the voicemail sounds a lot like James. Others are saying Ronda Rousey or Maryse, but those options seem to be less likely.

As for the Hacker’s identity, many people have been saying this whole time it is Mustafa Ali. Others have pinned Shorty G to be involved as well or even possibly Xavier Woods. A less likely option is CM Punk. What if though James does have something to do with it or even be the Hacker herself?

She recently spoke about wanting another title reign when she returns to the ring. Since returning to WWE at the end of 2016, James hasn’t held gold. She is a former six-time champion with the company and certainly has plenty left in the tank. She also commented to a fan on Twitter that alluded she may be back soon. James was technically last on the SmackDown roster as well as she was moved their during the Superstar Shake-Up after WrestleMania in 2019. At this point though her return could be on any brand.

So when do we think the Hacker will reveal themselves? On WWE Backstage the hacker did tap into their broadcast and show some new information. It showed a phone is unlocked with the password of 051020 which references to today’s date. Tonight is Money in the Bank. Perhaps it will be revealed tonight? Or perhaps “payback” is another clue and has more than one meaning? Payback is a former WWE pay-per-view that was last aired in 2017. Perhaps that could be the next pay-per-view event that is coming back with the Hacker being revealed then.

What do you think about Mickie James possibly being involved in this storyline? Would you like to see James back as a result of this? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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