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Becky Lynch Causes DQ Finish in Raw Main Event; Rhea Ripley Dominates

This week’s Raw had a lot going on for the women’s roster. A total of four matches took place plus some additional moments took place outside of the ring.

As a summary of this week’s Raw results, see the list below –

Raw – May 9 Results

First, Rhea Ripley is welcomed into The Judgment Day faction as Edge explains why the group has formed. Coming out of WrestleMania Backlash, we saw Ripley costing Aj Styles his match with Edge. Edge comments that he broke up one of the fans’ favorite tag teams in that of Ripley & Liv Morgan. Ripley says she has unfinished business with Morgan who would come out to the ring for a match between the two.

Ripley dominated most of the match but Morgan did get in some offense late into the bout.  Morgan connects with a step-up enziguri as Ripley retaliates and misses a lariat. After a sling-blade and double knees by Morgan, it still wasn’t enough to keep the new and refreshed version of Ripley. After a missed dive from Morgan, Ripley would lock in the cloverleaf causing Morgan to tap out.

Post-match, Ripley would continue to add insult to injury on Morgan as instructed by Edge as she locked back in the cloverleaf. Morgan would leave the segment after this even though it continued with Finn Balor and Aj Styles coming out to the ring. They did not come out to save Morgan from Ripley.

Balor faced Damian Priest where a disqualification was caused by Edge. Ripley would enter the ring to assist her new faction. Styles was caught off guard by Ripley’s appearance and resisted striking her.

Next was the return of Alexa Bliss to Raw. Bliss has not been seen since Elimination Chamber in February and has not been on Raw since last September. Sonya Deville was informed by Adam Pearce that her position as a WWE official has been terminated and she is no longer an authority figure. Bliss defeated Deville in a short match as Deville was too distraught by the news to concentrate on the task at hand. More on this can be read by clicking here.

You can see Deville’s reaction on Raw Talk below –

Sasha Banks & Naomi were victorious in a non-title match against the newly formed team of Nikki A.S.H. & Doudrop. Last week after Nikki lost to Dana Brooke, Doudrop approached her and asked her if she was ready to take things seriously again. Nikki hasn’t fully received this message as she tried to handle the match all by herself and when she wasn’t able to put Banks away with a swinging neckbreaker it cost her team the match.

Post-match, Doudrop gave a verbal lashing to Nikki wondering when she will start taking things seriously again.

After last week, the 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke is already set to divorce Reggie. A few weeks ago, there was a double wedding that involved Brooke/Reggie and Tamina/Akira Tozawa. Brooke clearly can’t trust her beau as he has, on multiple occasions, attempted to take the 24/7 Championship off of her.

Backstage with the divorce attorney R-Truth, Dana & Tamina were ready to serve the divorce papers to their spouses. Thinking they were getting second chances, the men showed up with flowers. Truth served the papers to Reggie but Tozawa ran off before he could receive them. Reggie still begging for another chance from Dana, Tamina helped her get away.

Lastly, Asuka received a Contenders Match against Bianca Belair by the order of Adam Pearce. In a backstage segment, Becky Lynch didn’t understand how Asuka comes back and automatically gets a championship opportunity. Pearce reiterated that it wasn’t an opportunity but if she beats Belair then she will get a title shot. Lynch, much like many fans, doesn’t understand why one has to beat the champion in order to get a championship match.

The Asuka vs. Belair match took place in the main event with Lynch on commentary. The bout was short-lived as Lynch would get involved. After Belair powered out of a triangle by Asuka by executing a powerbomb, the champion hit a springboard off the ropes. Lynch was there to pull Belair down and throw her into the steel steps causing the bell to ring.

Lynch entered the ring and knocked out Asuka with a kick to the face followed by a few more shots including a Manhandle Slam. Belair and Asuka would regroup as Lynch retreated up the ramp to end Raw.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for further news and results from the women of Raw.

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