Tuesday, February 27, 2024

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Becky Lynch defeats Liv Morgan at Day 1 to remain Raw Women’s Champion

Becky Lynch starts the year 2022 the same way she ended 2021, as Raw Women’s Champion. She wouldn’t retain quite so easily as Liv Morgan put up one hell of a fight.

Morgan started the match firing on all cylinders but the fight quickly spilled to the outside. Lynch took control by slamming Morgan’s face multiple times into the announce table.

The two battle in the corner and Lynch was thinking of hitting a superplex but Morgan escaped and tried for a powerbomb. Lynch fought it off. This led to a highlight of the match which was an unbelievable modified sunset flip off the ropes by Morgan. Unfortunately for Morgan, this wasn’t enough to keep Big Time Becks down for a three count.

Lynch spent time deep in the match trying to avoid her opponent and rolling out of the ring at the most important times. Morgan gets another near-moment win with the Rings of Saturn locked in trying to cause the champ to tap but to no avail.

The final moments of the match saw Morgan going for ObLIVion but Lynch stopped it and hit the Manhandle Slam off the ropes to get the pin and retain her championship.

What did you think of this title match? Do you think this puts Morgan in the back of the line or do you think she will have her moment at the Royal Rumble? Join the discussion below.

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